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  1. Default Advice: Los Angeles to New Orleans at low elevation/altitude

    Hi there!

    I saw someone else post in this forum some time ago about needing some help with planning a cross-country trip that stayed at the lowest altitude possible. I'm in a similar situation, so I was hoping you might be able to help me, too. :)

    Due to chronic ear problems, it's pretty miserable (and dangerous) for me to be at higher elevations (even 4000 ft. is bad for me); my ear doctor has recommended that I avoid flying and high elevations altogether, and no cocktail of drugs--trust me, I've tried plenty--alleviates the problems.

    That said, I have an important event coming up in New Orleans the week before Thanksgiving. Amtrak's route from Los Angeles hits elevations of 4000-5000 ft multiple times during the trip, so I really don't think it's safe for me to consider it.

    Does anybody have any advice or resources that might help me get there safely? I'm not really comfortable driving through snow and ice, either; not sure if that will be a problem that time of year.

    Thanks in advance for any advice you might be able to give me! :)

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    I'm afraid driving won't be any better. I-10 is the flattest route, and it reaches 4500 feet in New Mexico. You would probably have to charter a pressurized aircraft which can fly there maintaining a cabin altitude at or close to sea level. The only other option is by boat through the Panama Canal.

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    Thank you so much for your thorough and speedy reply...though it didn't bear the best of news for me, it was still very appreciated. :)

    Any low-elevation trips out of Los Angeles that you might recommend? I went to Seattle not that long ago, which was a bit tough through the mountains at the California/Oregon border...and the California coast is always nice, but getting old... ;)

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    I suppose you could head east out of LA on I-10 as far as Phoenix and Tucson without having any problems. In between, there's things you can do, such as the Palm Springs area, Anza-Borrego, the Salton Sea, Joshua Tree NP, and Lake Havasu City.

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    Unfortantely, your options are extremely limited, as you live in an area that's surrounded by mountains.

    Other than staying along the coast, or going out to Phoenix and Tucson, I really don't think there is hardly anywhere else you can go without going up to at least 4,000 feet.

    Almost everywhere else requires going up in elevation. Places like Death Valley and Las Vegas both require going up at least that high, and you can't really go anywhere beyond Tucson, as everything to the East, North, and South of Tucson will start getting you up above 4,000 feet.

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