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  1. Default Washington/ route66/L.A/San Francisco/ rtn Washington by highway

    I am hoping to do this trip next year starting in April for 4 weeks is this a feasible trip in 4 weeks allowing time to take in as many sights as possible and also stopping in Salt Lake City for a couple of days on the way back to Washington to visit an old friend.

    I am 62 and will be accompanied by my wife who does not drive so only one driver, but I am used to long drives drove London to Istanbul last year 4400 miles in around 2.5 weeks and regularly drive London to Bulgaria and back around 3000 miles in 6 days.
    I have a Rand Mcnally USA road atlas coming will i be able to pick out the less well signposted parts of the 66 with that. Because of my age and income it will be my last chance for my old dream trip and probably will never be able to come back to the states again so want to do the best trip I possibly can. The reason for the Washington start is because I have the Airmiles for Washington so that part is free.
    We are also looking at using Motel 6 are they ok the prices(around $45 per night or less) seem reasonable.
    Thanks for any help and advice
    best regards from London UK

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    Default things to keep in mind

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You should certainly be able to make it from coast to coast and back in 4 weeks, and have time to see things and enjoy your trip.

    There are some things I'd keep in mind.

    First, it is easy to forget just how big the US is. Washington to San Francisco via LA is roughly the same distance as London to Baghdad.Its about 3000 miles each way.

    A good atlas is essential, but the one area where it won't be of much help is finding old route 66. An atlas focuses on highways that are currently in use, and Route 66 was decommissioned about 30 years ago so you won't find many references to it. If you want to spend some time exploring the old road, you'll have to do a fair amount of reading and research. RTA's Route 66 section is a good place to start.

    Motel 6 is ok. When it comes to a base rate, they are generally the cheapest chain out there. However, they do "nickel and dime" you a lot. You won't get a breakfast, and you'll have to pay a couple bucks for wi-fi. Because of those things, a lot of times I think you can get a better value at other chains that are also in the budget category. You can compare prices by using the reservations box on the right side of the screen. At the bottom, you'll also find a link to Priceline, where you can name your own price, and is an option where you can frequently get a better rate than even motel 6, but you won't know the exact name of the hotel until after you've placed your bid.

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    Wow Michael that was one quick reply,and i will be following up on all your suggestions....what a great site this is
    rgds Allan

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    If you are like me and require morning coffee, Motel 6 is one of the few hotels left that does not have a coffeemaker in the room. You have to go to the lobby to get coffee (free). I do stay in a Motel 6 occasionally, but I also travel with my own little 4 cup coffeemaker and coffee. If you are a tea person, I'd recommend you pick up a small electric pot and your own tea bags. I usually spend a bit more and stay at a Super 8 or Days Inn - primarily because I have a Wyndham Rewards card. Both those chains generally have a breakfast of some sort - usually very basic - and free wi-fi.

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    one other thing what will the weather be like in April

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    The climate varies so widely across the country that in April you need to prepare for weather from below freezing to 100 F, and snow in the mountains.

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    thanks for the info GLC are all people in the US this helpful

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    Default 'Layer' up.

    Packing layered clothing is definitely the way to go, as mentioned by glc, you could face all weather conditions. You can search for typical climate info in different areas that will give you an indication of what to expect and where, but the weather remains unpredictable.

    You will find tons of info searching around the forums and road trip planning pages in the tool bars above, where you will find planning advice, attractions and routes and the Map centre, where you can create your own routes and look for interesting stops in up to a 100 mile radius from your chosen route. You will find thousands of options and when you have found those that are of interest to you, and you have some dots on the map, I'm sure others will help to fill in the blanks. Other than some obvious choices like Monument valley and the Grand canyon on the way west, on the way back east [and if you have time to spare] you could do some exploring, perhaps dropping down into Utah and Colorado for some great National parks and driving roads.

    Have you been following Billy Connolly's route 66 adventure on ITV which is running at the moment ?

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    Default Yes!!

    Quote Originally Posted by allan1949 View Post
    ... are all people in the US this helpful?
    Most of those you meet on the road are ... especially at truck stops / travel plazas.


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