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    me and my buddy plan on driving from san diego to to watertown ny where im from and i was just wondering what other stuff there is to check out along the way. We know about the grand canyon and mt rushmore but if anyone could give me some other suggestions i would be very appreciative.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There would be thousands upon thousands of options open to you, far to many to start listing in fact. We know nothing of your interests, how long you have, or what route you might decide upon. For instance, visiting the GC and Mt Rushmore would add up to 500 miles to your journey when compared with the shortest route.

    You really need to sort the basics out, by doing a little research and getting some dots on the map of places that appeal to you and your interests. Once you have that sorted you can try to join the dots to create a route and see what would work with the time you have. The more effort you put in the more rewarding it will be. You will find lot's of planning help by searching the forums and by using the resources in the tool bars above, like the Map centre.

    Once you have got that far we can help you to fill in the blanks and make suggestions along your route.

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