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    Wow what an amazing forum! I have really enjoyed reading all the posts! I have found some posts that are relevant to my trip, but I thought I'd ask a few extra questions here to get all the kinks worked out!

    I have a trip planned starting this weekend, leaving San Diego on friday, then staying in Solvang (inland to Santa Barbara) until Monday. From there we will drive up to Yosemite on Monday. We are staying outside of the Valley, but still in the park. Does anyone have any suggestions on hikes you MUST do in Yosemite? I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all of the amazing things to do and only three days in Yosemite.

    The biggest question I have is our trip from Yosemite down to Las Vegas. I've read a few things, and it seems like Tioga pass is open in the summer, which is good becuase that is the most direct way. People have referenced a few ways to get from Yosemite to Las Vegas. Which is the fastest way? (Which freeways, etc...) And which is a more scenic way? I think we'd like to just head straight there, unless there is something I absolutely have to see on the way to Las Vegas!

    Thanks for your help... very excited!

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    Default Don't bypass Death Valley

    Yosemite to LV.... there really isn't a highway. I would urge you to take the slow way. Take 190 from 395 through Death Valley, stop over at the Furnace Creek visitor centre and check out a few of the other attractions such as Dante's View and Badwater Basin (the lowest point in the US). Head straight to LV via Pahrump.

    As for a hike in Yosemite... there are so many, but most would say that Glacier Point is not to be missed.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Going from Yosemite to Vegas via Tioga Pass is kind of the no-brainer to me. The travel time is going to be similar vs taking the mostly freeway route of CA-99/CA-58/I-15 via Bakersfield and Barstow, but the difference in scenery is tremendous. First, Tioga is a big part of Yosemite itself, but then on US-395 you've got the Mammoth Lakes area, Mt. Whitney, and of course Death Valley.

    For Yosemite hikes, what are you looking for in terms of length and difficulty?

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    One year, we got brave and hiked to the very TOP of Yosemite Falls. It was strenuous, but we were lots younger then and full of energy. Our kids were like mountain goats and went up it with no problems. Absolutely gorgeous view at the top made it well worth the 5 or 6 hours it took us.


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    Once you arrive in Yosemite to will be given booklets to help you with your planning and there is always a friendly Ranger on hand to talk about their favourite spots. Until then, the Yosemite site is full of info.

    Getting around the valley floor to all the trail heads is simple enough by hopping on and off the free shuttle bus. Glacier point is a short walk and has amazing views, along the Glacier point road there are other hikes, like to Taft point. Near to the south entrance of the park is the Mariposa grove of giant Sequoia trees with nice walks. You could do Glacier and Mariposa same day and the valley floor another day. If your lodgings are not booked [or you can change them] you might consider staying to the East side of the mountains around Lee vining or Mammoth. That would give you time to explore Tioga pass without having to back track over the mountains. It would also give you are more relaxed pace to get to LV and enjoy some of Death valley.

    The quickest way to Vegas from Yosemite, would be to continue on CA120 to US6 and then use NV264/CA266/NV266 to US95. I, like the others, would recommend heading south on 395 to 190 across Death valley though.

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