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    Default It's tricky but possible

    I've driven all over Boston in a RV -- but it takes a certain willingness to get honked at (a lot) by some of the kinder Bostonian drivers. There are some tricky places because of low bridges and the fact that the propane on board is prohibited in tunnels.

    There are alternatives for road trip lodging to RVs and motels. With a family you might find Verbo-style accommodations much easier, the trick is that usually you need to stay at least three days. There are a lot of providers, but typically you would stay in a private home at rates that rival motel rates and you get privacy and an easy way to prepare food.

    And for overnight on-the-road stays, you might like the AirB&B options -- Here you rent a room in a house and actually stay with a family. Some of the options ARE REALLY APPEALING over what you can find in a motel in the same places. For instance, look at these prices of places in the Orlando area, etc. You can do other searches by the cities you are considering, but it's possible you can save at least $100-$150 per night over the cost of similar motel lodging this way.


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    Default Great options.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sedenquist View Post
    ... you might like the AirB&B options
    Wow! Mark, that is a site worth signing up on. Some great bargains to be had there, even for the solo traveller.

    And I must say, you'd have to be very brave to drive a full size RV anywhere in Boston these days. Son lives in Newton, just off Newton Center, and it is an absolute nightmare... even in a car.


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    Thanks again for all taking the time to reply!And thanks for the useful websites

    We have now decided we are definately not taking an RV into to Boston. We are hoping to rent a car. We are not sure when the best time to pick up the RV would be as after 3 days in Boston we are down to NY for 2 days and then down to Washington DC for 2.
    (is 2 days in these cities enough?)

    After DC our plan is to head to Tennessee with a few stops on the way. Do you think it would be worth waiting till the end of our DC trip to get the RV?

    We are still looking at the option of just hiring a car however as I said because we are having to rent two rooms each night it does work out more expensive. A friend told us about chain Motels like Motel 6 anyone heard if these are any good?

    Thanks again :)

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    Motel 6 is the lowest of the low cost chains. Many times, they will have the lowest rack rates in an area.

    However, there is an element that you get what you pay for. Most will offer wi-fi, but they typically charge for it. They typically don't offer anything for breakfast, and the lowest price listed on their sign is generally for one person and you'll pay about $5 more for each person. There are other things like that which can make them more expensive than they seem.

    Many times I find i can get a better overall deal at other places, especially if you look for discounts online (including RTA's site) or from coupon books, but it motel 6 is certainly worth looking at as one of several cheap motel options.

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    Do you think it would be worth waiting till the end of our DC trip to get the RV?
    Yes, this would make the most sense. You may even be able to do Boston/NY/DC without a car, using public transportation.

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    I had the privilege of embarking with kids all around the states. From California to Chicago. It was a life changing experience. For me the texas route sounds way more fun. I love the south and the food is amazing. But you wont get the full temperature and climate change that starting in Boston will show you.
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