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    Default Niagra falls oops.

    Hey people.

    Travelling the US (again from Australia) This time heading to Niagra Falls. Booked accomodation, paid for it, then realised it was in Canada? Oooops.

    My questions.

    How easy will it to be to get into Canada for two days? Whats involved?

    Will I legally be able to take a hire car that I booked in the US into Canada or do I have to ditch it at the border?



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    Default You'll be right mate!!

    Hi, and Welcome back to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    Good to see you back. It is a magnetic place, isn't it?.

    You won't have a problem, so long as you have your passport. The first time I crossed the border, I was not even aware that I should have checked up. I was just waved through. Apparently Australian passports allow visa free entry into Canada.

    As for the rental car, you will need to check that with the rental company. Some will allow it, others won't. When I have rented I have never had a problem, and always assured that I could take it anywhere in the US and Canada. It is best to check, but if you are renting in the northern states, you will probably find that most companies will allow you to take it into Canada.

    But you most likely will not be able to drop it off in Canada. And if they do allow that, it will probably be with a hefty fee.


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