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    Happy 4th of July everyone!

    On our walk yesterday my husband and I started remembering all the places we've been over the 4th of July. Some were very memorable and some were not. When our two son's were young, we had no choice to be on the road over the 4th of July to fit in our long summer vacations and here are the ones we remembered and why.

    1982 we were camped at Great Sand Dunes in Colorado. As we sat at our campsite we could see fireworks going off way far in the distance at a couple of locations.

    1985 found us camping in Moab, Utah. The town's people gather on the streets that run perpendicular to the main street and watch as fireworks shoot up from on top of the mesa above. This was fun!

    1986 We blew into Vantage, Washington. It was so windy that day we saw a camper blown off of the truck it was on! It was to windy for fireworks on the 4th but the wind died down on the 5th and the fireworks were on! They use to drive their old firetruck though the town and campground to pick up people to drive them to the Columbia River boat launch where the volunteer firemen brought out raddled snakes to show everyone while we waited for it to get dark. Then they did the fireworks and it was a lot of fun. I'm sure the people driving over the bridge of the Columbia River were confused as to why the fireworks were being done the day after the 4th. Our boys had a great time and the firetruck gave us a ride back to the campground.

    1987 We were in Monticello, Utah and had planned to cross over into Colorado for fireworks, but we were having vehicle problems and couldn't go. :(

    1988 We made the mistake of being in Carlsbad Caverns. Who would have thought that this place so far from large cities would be so crowded on the 4th of July weekend. Compound the holiday weekend with a couple of the elevators not working and we ended up spending a couple of hours in line to ride the elevators up. There was even talk about letting us walk back out the natural opening which is a very rare thing. Live and learn. No fireworks for this 4th.

    1990 We set out for the east coast and really didn't have many plans and ended up in Townsend, Tennessee visiting the Smokey Mountains. would have though we would have learned our lesson...but we were still young and learning! No fireworks but we decide to take the Cades Code drive on the 4th. Everyone within a 500 miles radius was there that day too! We CRAWLED and CRAWLED and CRAWLED for what seemed hours. People would stop to see a deer and hold up traffic even more. Finally there was a dirt road and we decided to take it and got away from the crowds and had a nice drive back to our campground.

    1992 We were driving up the Alaskan Highway and I had planned on stopping in Canada at a campground that was having 4th of July Celebration for their American visitors. What food and stuff....BUT our two boys insisted on being in the US for the 4th of July so we pushed on. Ended up camping behind a gas station right after we crossed the border. No fireworks :(

    1997 it was just me and hubby by now. We were camping in the Rocky Mountain National Park and went into Estes Park for the day and got a great seat to watch the fireworks over the lake. We also didn't have to fight the traffic going back to I-25 since we got to go back into the Rocky Mts. This was a great experience.

    What are your traveling 4th of July memories?

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    Default Some of most memorable...

    Wow, I've had some many memorable 4th of July celebrations on the road. A couple that come to mind would be 1995 sitting under the Arch in St. Louis watching the fireworks being shot from barges on the Mississippi River.

    As working press at the Calgary Stampede in 1996 -- this was one of the first events where we learned the reality of what it takes to be considered "working press"...

    In 1997, Megan and I ran a hospitality "care room" from our RV for families devastated by a tornado that killed some local folks in Washington, Michigan. Megan and I were nearly killed by the same storm on the 2nd...

    And on the 1999 RFTA book tour, enjoying the small town hospitality in St. Helens, Oregon. Really lovely small town parade.

    And then some really fantastic firework displays on our street in Las Vegas....over the last decade.


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    Default Some from the memory banks

    Hmmm...some from the past 15 years or so....

    1997, traveling back from Yellowstone for a stop in Cheyenne, WY. A police officer approached us. He told us we'd get a better view if we moved up a bit to another spot in the commercial parking lot we had parked.

    In 1999 we were near Mammoth Cave, in Kentucky, watching fireworks that appeared over the traffic on I-65, from our campsite.

    2000 - in Canada, no fireworks that year

    In 2001 we were in Wytheville, Virginia, and the campground we stayed at put on a show in a nearby field.

    2002 - in Utah and drought conditions, no fireworks that year (plus Colorado was burning...)

    2003 gave us Cape Hatteras, a fire on the beach, and fireworks over the ocean

    2004, 2005 - don't remember seeing any, have to check the journals...

    In competition for most memorable is 2006 and Brookville, Ohio, watching two distant fireworks shows, with a field of fireflies in front of us, and I-70 also within view. The juxtaposition of celebration (fireworks), nature (fireflies), and travel (I-70) could not have been planned better. That there was no planning involved was the icing on the cake.

    2007 - present - we've been traveling at different times of the year, so for the most part we've watched from our deck as some folks three or four miles away set of fireworks that are clearly visible from our house.

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