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    Default LA to Redwoods for a photographer

    Greetings! I am planning a romantic road trip with my Nikon and myself. I have visited most places in California when I was younger but need to go back and rediscover it- grab some inspiration. This entire trip is about taking breathtaking photos for myself. Any and allll suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Places that I must see

    Redwood Forest
    Lake Tahoe
    Squaw Valley
    San Francisco
    Route 1 (whats the best mileage to go up/down Rt 1 btw LA and SF) Originally thinking btw Watsonville and SF or is further south better?
    Some beach town- santa barbara perhaps

    I'm thinking a week trip should do it. My rough draft itinieary is:
    Day 1 - 2: Santa Barbara
    Day 3-4: Bay Area
    Day 4-6: Tahoe - Redwoods

    I do realize I'm skipping a million mountains and parks in between. Am I crazy to do so or is Tahoe area the same type thing? And is wine tasting a must as well?? Some of the greatest pics of Cali are taken at vineyard, but it isn't totally calling to me.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Which Trees are you talking about when you ask about "redwoods"? Are you talking about the Redwoods like you'll find at Redwoods National Park along the far northern California Coast, or are you talking about the Giant Sequoias that you'll find on the western slope of the Sierras - such as Sequoia National Park?

    Here's some more information on the two very large but very different kinds of trees.

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    It sounds like a coastal trip to me, just ripe for photos of the California coast, San Francisco and its magnificent architecture, coastal redwoods. But Michael is right - there are two types of redwoods, and only you can decide what you hope to photograph!


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    I've been compiling a Google Map of Bay Area photo locations.

    You'll have a grand time exploring photo locations. You've got to be selective of where
    you shoot since you don't have much time.


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    Sounds like a great trip. I would suggest you amend your itinerary to continue north on PCH, Hwy 1, from SF to Fort Bragg. Cut over to Hwy 101 toward Leggett and pick up the route through the Redwoods from there.

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