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  1. Default RV Camping South of the Border - Mx,Gu,ES,Hon,Nic,CR,Pan and South America

    RV Camping in the Americas is not as unheardof as you may think!

    I have done it for over 25 years, departing from McAllen Texas and driving the Pan American Highway to Ushuaia Argentina, now many Americans have decided to do the Panama, Ecuador, and Chile...

    RETIRE AT HOME? or INVESTIGATE YOUR LATIN AMERICAN OPTIONS while driving the Americas! You have probably heard; Retire in Mexico, Retire in Costa Rica, or I can live on my $800/month pension, like a King in Brazil !....... well there are some places you can retire to that you may love to be in and also the climates are favorable, maybe because of a medical condition. Also there are countries that have many medical benefits and low-cost or free care.

    Foreign Retirement is a discussion in itself, pros and cons, countries have encouraged the foreign retiree by offering many incentives such as free importation of household goods, auto, and a duty-free status as a retired person. Panama has a straight 20% discount to all retirees at all restaurants, 30% on movies, and many admissions are also included.

    A way to "investigate" the different Latin Possibilities in your RV is to go drive on the Pan American Highway to the tip of South America! This way you can visit, not only the big cities, but the small towns, and villages, farms, and communities in between. Actually living in your RV, you can see the way you have to buy groceries, buy propane, water, pay taxes (if any), and get the feel of the neighborhoods. The local garage, hardware store, restaurant, and know how much a loaf of bread costs. This you usually can not do by flying in and staying in hotels.

    If you drive the Pan Am Highway from the USA, you will pass through about 13 different countries, various cultures (Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, English, and Welch), The foods and wines are also a great experience. See for yourself, go to the end of the worlds' longest highway. You can do by yourself with pre-planning and you can also go with a motorhome, or trek group that does this type of tours or expeditions over the inter-american roadway.

    I have traveled it and found about a half dozen places very's the decision of "which" I am still have to choose between culture, foods, medical, climates, sports, fishing, birds, nature, and the friendliness of the various residents is so overwhelming ...that why it is so difficult of a decision.
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