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    Can you just turn up at motels, or do you need to book in advance? I would quite like to stay at some mom and pop places rather than big chains, but I know that in some places we will have to take what we can find.
    I'm not sure how I feel about booking in advance as we may as well be booking with a holiday company who book it for you, which tbh seems like it's taking something away from our road trip.

    We are not limited to those dates at all, it just works out cheaper to go before April with flights, also up to the end of May we can get my parents to look after our dogs, saving about £250 ($400) on kennel fees.

    Having said that, we are obviously saving a heap by going via car now rather than rv, so I guess we could afford the extra costs

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    Even if you are waiting until April, you're still traveling during the low season so you really shouldn't need to make reservations anywhere. Even places like Yosemite, which fill up during the summer, will have some openings, and in the worst case, you'd just have to leave the park and go to one of the surrounding communities like Oakhurst or Mariposa.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loolindley View Post
    ... but I know that in some places we will have to take what we can find.
    At the time you will be travelling, booking ahead should not be necessary. You will always find somewhere. I am a fan of not booking, unless I am in a place and at a time when I know accommodation will be at a premium.

    To be sure you get an acceptable room, always ask to see the room before you commit. If they refuse, you know to move on. Visitor centres and welcome centres along the highways are great sources of information (not just for accommodation). There is nothing like asking the locals, when you are there.

    I too, love that freedom to decide to stay an extra day, or skip some place and change course. But if you want something extra special at any time, you may need to book ahead.


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    Ok. Just a hypothetical change of tack.

    Lets keep it as a car+motel trip. If we were to keep our march time frame, what would be a good, interesting (and passable) route to take over 2 weeks. Obviously we still need to keep Las Vagas in there (but I don't think deserts will be a problem heatwise!), but other than that, I am open to sugestions.

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    If you go back, you've already been given several ideas for how you could go about this trip and what kinds of things you could see.

    Its not really our role to lay out the day by day itinerary for you - that's really something you need to work out. Once you've done it based on the suggestions you've already been given here - as well as the tons of information elsewhere on this forum - we'll be glad to take a look at it and give you additional suggestions or ideas to tweek it. That's the only what you're going to get a trip that is yours - and will have the kinds of stops, including the restaraurants, that you want to visit.

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    Thanks for your help. I think we need to get a map and do a bit more research. With our limited knowledge of America we had completely neglected to take into account where snow would be and how that would affect our trip. We could just be starting too big, and sticking to California and Vagas could be the key.

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