Please bear with me. Our road trip plans have evolved a lot, but I thought i'd put everything down in the hope that someone would be able to help!

My fiance and I are from Wales, UK, planning our first trip to America. We are 29, and 31, and tbh are completely overwhelmed by what's on offer.

It started with watching Man vs Food, and Diners, Drive-in's and Dives. We decided it would be fun to hire an RV and do a foodie tour in America. That soon changed to sticking to the western side, and whilst we were over there, we have decided to get married. My ideal place to get married would be San Francisco, but it looks quite dificult to get it sorted, so obviously Las Vagas seemed like a good second choice!

We have decided to take the trip in late February/early March 2012 and fly in and out of San Francisco, as it will be more cost effective with the rental. From there, we HAVE to take the coastal road (road 1?) down to LA. From then on, we are trying to be quite relaxed about our route (after all, that's why we are hiring an RV and not doing a structured trip), but in a loose loop we would like to go to the Grand Canyon, across to Monument Valley, over to Las Vagas (maybe via Lake Powell and Bryce Canyon). After Vagas, perhaps up to Yosemite via Death Valley (nice place to honeymoon? (!)), up to Lake Tahoe, then back to San Francisco.

Ok, reading that back, it doesn't sound like we are trying to be relaxed about the route at all!!! But we are open to changing our plans, and our minds!

We only have 2 weeks to take the trip, so I realise we might be trying to squeeze too much in, but you have to be ambitious, right?

On reading and researching there is quite a lot of negative reports about road tripping in an RV. I realise it is going to add up in fuel (we worked it out about $0.40p/m), and as our trip could take in over 4000 miles...thats a lot, but surely it would be easier than going in a car and trying to find motels to stop in? One of the main negatives is that it could be tricky whilst driving through cities, which I totally understand...but we do have a lot of open road between those cities.

Any advice, please let me know. As novices to the road trip, we are keen to learn, and would love to make this a trip of a lifetime!