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  1. Default HI, New Guy Here!! Need You Tips On Routes From Orlando, FL To Seattle, WA.

    I'll be leaving on a road trip in a couple of days from Orlando, FL to Seattle, WA.
    All the mapping software give me the options for I-90, I-80, and I-80/I-84.
    I was planning to do the I-90 route; starting off I-75, I-24, and finally zigzag around to I-90.

    My requirements are availability of gas stations since my car only gets roughly 200-250 miles per tank...a little more if I could get away from fuel degraded with ethanol.
    I would also like to take the most scenic route without delaying my trip.
    One thing I liked about I-90 is that I would get an opportunity to see Mount Rushmore!!!

    Which interstate would be better; I-90 or I-80? Are there any other options?
    My GF drove the same trip, but she took the southern route of I-75, I-10, I-40, to I-5. But I want to stay away from the south, looking for cooler weather and less bugs on the road, figured the northern route would be more scenic and less hot = less bugs (at least in FL it works that way)!!!

    Thanks a lot for all your suggestions/help!!

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    Default your trip your route

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Which interstate would be better; I-90 or I-80? Are there any other options?
    Of course there are other options! Take out a paper map of the US an look at the hundreds of lines showing interstate highways between Florida and Washington - those are all your options. The point being of course, your car goes where you tell it to, you don't have to turn your brain over to a computer printout! In fact, that's exactly what makes a roadtrip fun and unique!

    Now, I-90 is a perfectly good choice, since you want to go on a Northern Route and want to see Mt. Rushmore. Of course, other factors for what route will be "best" for you include how much time you've got available and what other things you might want to see.

    You don't have to worry about gas at all, as there is not a single place in the lower 48 where you'd be even 200 miles away from a gas station. Even the longest stretch of any interstate without services is about 100 miles (I-70 through Utah) and any place where you've got more than 50 or so miles without fuel will be very well marked with warning signs.

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    Thanks!! :)
    You lowered my fear of running out of fuel... lol

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