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    Hi Folks,

    We are planning a road trip from Seattle to Yellowstone in the first week of July and planning to spend two and half days in Yellowstone. Below is our plan.

    Day 1 - Start in the afternoon from Seattle. Stay in any of the motel after completing six to seven hours of driving. We are not planning to book the motel in advance, it depends how much we can drive on that day.

    Day 2 – Start in the morning from day 1 place and reach to Yellowstone around evening.

    Day 3 – In Yellowstone

    Day 4 – In Yellowstone

    Day 5 – Start in afternoon from Yellowstone to Seattle and stay overnight in the motel.

    I am having some questions related to my plan.
    Q1. Is it fine, if I don’t book Motel in advance for day 1 and day 5? We will be driving through I 90 so we can get into any motel on interstate.

    Q2. What will be best route to go as a road trip from Seattle to Yellowstone?

    Q3. What are the areas, I should cover in Yellowstone?

    Also let me know if you have any suggestions related to my plan.

    *this is my first post in road trip forum :-)


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    The quickest way to Yellowstone is I-90 to either US-191 (to go to West Yellowstone) or US-89 (to go to the north entrance). You are looking at an 800 mile drive, which would be about 15 hours on the road with stops only for fuel and bathroom. Definitely too much for 1 day.

    I don't see any need to book motels along I-90 as long as you choose a relatively populated area to stop that has multiple choices. In order to be able to get to Yellowstone at a reasonable time on the second day, I'd recommend you try to make it to Coeur D'Alene. On the way back, try to make it to Missoula. Note that there is almost NOTHING in between these 2 cities, and they are almost 3 hours apart.

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    Default Yellowstone - There and Back

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    A1: You should be fine finding motel rooms on the fly, especially since you will be driving along a well traveled highway, and the general tourist traffic is expected to be off a bit this summer due to the economic situation as well as fuel prices. The one problem I see is that the halfway point between Seattle and Yellowstone is a fairly sparsely populated section of the Rockies along the Idaho Montana state line. You might do well to do a little research on the Coeur d'Alene and Missoula areas which would suit your schedule going and/or coming and might offer a wider range of choices than just what happens to be at an exit ramp. I would also make sure that you have reservations in hand as soon as possible, if not already, for your stay in or near Yellowstone.

    A2: I-90 offers the most direct route and the easiest crossing of the mountains. If you want to do this trip in two relatively easy days, then that's the route of choice, using US-287 or US-191 to get to the western side of the park, or US-89 for the shortest route to central areas.

    A3: As a geologist and former bacteriologist, the areas that most intrigued me were the geysers, the mud pools and other thermal springs, the extremophile microbial mats, the size of the Yellowstone Caldera, and other such wonders. But if you are a naturalist, certainly there is enough diverse wildlife to keep you happy for a few weeks, let alone a few days. The same holds for the photographer, the boater, the hiker, and just about any outdoor enthusiast. Yellowstone will not disappoint. Your best bet is to check with the Park Rangers who are the best source for what the park has that will meet your needs.


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    Thanks for your input.

    Yes, I already made the reservation in Yellowstone, will follow your suggestion to stay near Coeur d'Alene or Missoula while going and coming back.

    I am naturalist. I hope I will be having good time.

    Thanks again


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    Default You will be having a great time !

    If you want to get the best from your time at Yellowstone then you can't beat the National parks info here.

    Have a great trip !

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