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    Default Don't buy gas near the Orlando airport!

    Unless you like paying $5.79 a gallon..........................

    If you don't see a price sign, find a different station.

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    Default Not Just Orlando

    High priced fuel, posted or not, is standard operating procedure at gas stations near major airports, particularly those surrounded by a maze of freeways where the distance from the exit ramp to the airport is short, such as Orlando. It also 'helps' that Florida is one of the few states in the country that does not legally require stations to display their prices prominently enough so that they can be read from the road. But such pricing policies are easy enough to get around. I simply fill up a rental in preparation for its return several (5-10) miles before reaching the airport where prices are far more competitive. Although it is highly unlikely that the gas gauge will move off 'F' before I get the car back, this is also the one and only time when I top off the tank, since my intention is to immediately get back in the car and burn off a couple of tenths of a gallon.


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    Just got back from a Memorial day trip to the Chicago area: $4.09 in Geneva IL, $4.37 at a station less than a mile from Midway airport. Not all that bad.

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    Half of that difference is due to tax rates. Illinois is one of only 9 states that charge sales tax on gasoline. Geneva is in Kane County. Midway is in Cook County in the city of Chicago. The sales taxes are about 3% more, plus Cook County and the city of Chicago both have gas taxes on top of state and federal that Geneva doesn't.

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