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    Default Wise choice.

    Car looks great !

    Have a safe journey and let us know how the trip turned out.

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    Default Are you going to cover her?

    Seems like a scary proposition to trailer that car with so little protection from highway gunk.


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    It will have a car cover.

    Plans looks to be NC to Memphis up 55 to St Louis on west up to SD then west to Washington states and then south.

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    Default If you're not unloading during the trip, or even if you are......

    .......once I was happy with the front-to-rear balance of your (Great Looking !) Pony on the hauler, I'd be inclined to lay down a 4 x 4 x 8' fencepost across the front wheels and lag-bolt it to the wood deck as a chock for the front wheels, with the front straps pulling it forward against the chock and the rears pulling in against the fronts.

    Be sure you're good to go with your automatic transmission maintenance schedule and the engine cooling system, which provides cooling for your auto trans. All-day sustained towing will build up heat like your transmission has never before experienced, and poorly functioning cooling system and old transmission fluid and filters can quickly fail, ruining your trip.

    I hope you'll post on how this trip goes for you.


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    Mustang is ready for the trip.
    May I drool?


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    To add to Foy's advice, you will want to lock out the overdrive when towing to try to keep the torque converter locked and avoid constant upshifts and downshifts. This is what overheats transmissions. This assumes the Explorer has an automatic. If it has a manual, you should still probably not use overdrive to keep the strain on the input shaft down, the Ford M5OD is known for a weakness there.

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