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  1. Default road trip from central new jersey to Chicago

    I scheduled to drive to Chicago next month. because i am a new driver in US and not familiar with US Highway system. I planed to make the trip in 3 days. Can someone give me some advise on the trip. where can i stop ? which highway is easy to drive ? Thanks!

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    In three days, you'd probably be wise to take Interstate 80. Interstate highways are 4 lane, restricted access highways in which speeds are usually 55 mph to 75 mph (depending on the state and what type of vehicle is being driven). There are exits that will have traveler services such as fuel stations, restaurants, hotels and grocery stores. Also along the freeways (interstates) are rest areas, with restroom facilities. Parts of I-80 are toll roads, meaning you pay a little cash to use them. They have even more restricted access, so that using an exit means you pay the toll and then starting again. For that reason, toll roads have service plazas - fuel, restaurants, mini-markets - that you can use without extra toll issues.


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    NJ to Chicago is an easy 2 day drive. Exactly where in NJ will you be leaving from and where will you be going in Chicago?

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    Default Make it enjoyable

    Driving this trip in two days can be done, but won't leave you much room to enjoy the ride.

    If you would like to make this an enjoyable trip, and see something along the way, you may like to get off the interstates for some - especially through some of Pennsylvania - and drive it in three days. PA is such a beautiful and serene state, and the minor highways, such as 22 (south) and 6 (north), are ever so scenic and enjoyable, passing through lots of small towns each with its own character.


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