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    Hi, I am from Europe, heading out west in August (16) with a friend and have 10 days to spend on the road to see the sceenery. Don't mind doing a tour of California at the same time. Would love to see the Grand Canyon, (and spend a day or two there), Valley of fire state park, Yellowstone Ntl. Park, the sequoia ntl, park, and any other, but am really open to suggestions. I would really appreciate some help with route planning, lodging tips, and vehicle rental tips. Anything we yhould know, I know it's the hottest time....... Thank you for your help :)))))

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    From LV to Lake Tahoe you would head up through Death Valley and along 395 in California. But more important is, where does this fit into your schedule. Which city will you be flying into and out of?


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    There is no shortage of things to do, places to go but like with most of us, time is the biggest enemy. Knowing if you are doing a loop and flying back out from Vegas as well would be helpful in suggesting places. You will find a lot of great info just searching the forums and planning pages above with the aid of a good map. To do a loop back to Vegas and get East to Grand canyon, West to Sequoia and North to Yellowstone is a big ask and wouldn't leave you much time to see the places you are visiting. Perhaps you meant Yosemite ? Another couple of options are Zion and Bryce canyon in Utah. From Vegas you could head North [Valley of Fire] to Zion NP and then through Page towards the Grand canyon South rim[ North rim is an option] and take I40 to Barstow where you can make your way to Sequoia and Yosemite NP. From Yosemite you could take CA120 [Tioga pass] across the Sierra's to Mono Lake and 395 and head South to Lone Pine and across Death valley back to Vegas.

    That would be a full and busy trip for 10 days, albeit spectacular ! You might want a steady pace and spend more time at fewer places, whats your stle of travel ? There really are a million and one possibilities, so look around and when you have made a few decisions and given us a little more info we can help more with putting it all together.

    Edit. If your 10 day trip is ending around Lake Tahoe [only just noticed that in your thread title] you could simply head North from Mono Lake.
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    HI, Dave, thank you som much for this, will study your answer carefully. Flying to Denver rather than LV is an option. But will that make it any easier?

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    HI, LIfemagician, I have optopmns, to get to Denver or Vegas, whichever is more convenient.....

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    The convenience of your start point will be determined by what itinerary you come up with. You could fly into Denver and out of Vegas [or the other way around] and is something else you may consider. Doing so would mean the extra expense of doing a one way car rental and could increase the cost of flights. If your main aim is to visit Grand canyon, Sequoia etc then Vegas would make the most logical place to fly into, but what about Yellowstone?

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    Yellowstone was a mistake, due to my lack of understanding of the avutal geography of the place. I know better now ! I will do Yellowstone some other time.... :)))))

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    I guess Las Vegas it is then, makes sense. Do you have any ideas on quality but not too expensive lodging on the way and good rental car advice? Much appreciated. :)))

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    Default Yep.

    Choosing from Denver or Vegas, Vegas makes most sense.

    Most car rental Co's offer the same type of service so it really is a case of shopping around to see who has the best deal for your needs at your time of travel. The best deals for overseas visitors are usually found on line and booked in advance.

    With lodging the dearest options are normally found in the National parks and City centres [besides Vegas where there are great deals] and the cheapest in chain Motels just off Interstate. The smaller towns and areas around the National parks and lodgings just away from any City centre normally offer the best compromise. You really need to work on your itinerary and get an idea of where you will be spending your nights before we can offer any suggestions "along the way." You might want to stay a couple of nights in one place or just keep moving along place to place so once you have a rough draft we can guide you better. Although this isn't the best place to get advice on specific lodgings, [Tripadvisor and Expedia have more up to date info like prices and reviews] when we know more detail we can advise on locations to search.

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