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    Hi all,

    I'm looking to road trip from Philly to Miami in May. We're two 21-year old guys going home from college (school in philly; live in Miami). Our time-frame is a bit tight as we have to leave on the morning of the 9th and have to catch a flight out of Miami on the 15th. I've never done a proper road trip like this before so don't know the first thing of how to go about planning/mapping it out. (we do have a car though!). Here's what we're essentially looking for:

    - General idea: Adventurous by day, party by night. From my brief research, I've come across fishing, white water rafting, hand-gliding, sand boarding, and beach horseback-riding; all of which are extremely appealing to us. Any advice on places to do things like this would be great. As for nightlife, I've heard the typical VA beach and Myrtle beaches being tossed around, but any places really that have cool local bars/clubs would be fun for us.
    - Lodging: we'd stay at the cheapest motels, B+Bs, etc that are offered with no problem at all. And will be happy to spend the occasional full night driving on the road if necessary (it's nice to be young!).
    - Of course, the most scenic routes would be the best as we are planning on getting in very little "tourism" during our trip. On tourism though, if there are any places that are on the way and worth stopping at, even we uncultured college kids would be happy to have a look.
    - Generally, we're not too keen on seeing anything in DC as we go to school in Philly and are fairly close anyway. Also, living in Miami has already exposed us to much of the East Coast of Florida and therefore we're not too interested in making any Florida stops.
    - Eating: definitely interested in checking out good local cuisines along the way so any restaurant recommendations are greatly invited.

    Think I've covered everything here. We basically want to know 1) Is this feasible given the timeframe, 2) which are the best places to do the things we want to do, and 3) What's the best route to take?

    I appreciate any input at all. Thanks a lot,


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    Steven, it is definitely feasible, in the time frame. You have six full days available, to arrive before 15th. That trip could be done in three easy days of driving. And you should at no time have to drive through the night. In any case, that would be a very foolish thing to do, even when you are young. It is not a wise thing to do at any age.

    The best route is the one which encompasses those things you are interested in doing, such as you list above. When you have marked these on your map, come back and the experts will help you formulate your route, and fill in any gaps.

    Enjoy the planning.
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    Fine. Guess I got a bit too ahead of myself there. Thanks for the advice. Looking forward to hearing more comments.

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