I am not sure how one distinguishes between a netbook and a laptop. So long as it can be picked up and carried around, and is not a desktop / tower, it must be a laptop / netbook.

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But I'd struggle to use a netbook on a daily basis.
Ah!! Michael, but I bought a cheap usb keyboard and mouse to use on the road. You see, it is only the computer which is not covered by my travel insurance, if left in an unattended vehicle. And the little EeePC just slips into my bag. When I stop at the end of the day to check email, dump the photos, etc. I have a decent mouse, and keyboard on which to type. I also have a usb round disk drive for CD and DVD.

At home I use a 17" laptop/netbook..... or whatever ye wanna call it. It might be getting jealous, since it never has the opportunity to go with me..... anywhere!