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    Default North Dakota Flooding

    A coworker of mine is driving out to North Dakota from NJ. Does anyone know about any flooding issues on I-94?

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    Default should be good

    I believe the Flooding in the Fargo area has already peaked, and you should not see any problems on I-94. If you were traveling North on I-29, then you'd need to be more concerned, although it doesn't look like there are any closures there at this time.

    As an aside, if there are issues, you will get plenty of warning. In past years when flooding has affected I-94 near Fargo, I've seen warning signs placed at the I-90/I-94 split near Tomah, Wisconsin. It's the only time I think I've ever seen a warning about a road closure more than 400 miles away, but it does make perfect sense, because long distance travelers can "detour" across I-90 through South Dakota.

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