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  1. Default Chicago to Miami Road trip.. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

    Myself and my Husband (both early 30's) are hoping to organise our 2nd road trip in the US for either Mid September/early October this year and are looking for some suggestions of towns/places to visit along and things to do along the way.

    We have about 14/16 days to do the journey and have never been to any of these areas before, we would love to see some of the smaller towns, and places that are not too touristy, we could be up a bit of hiking, white water rafting and anything else you can think of :-)

    We were thinking something like this :

    Ending up in Miami for a few days at the end


    Ending up in Miami for a few days at the end

    If the above ideas seem a little vague and you have suggestions of any other routes, please feel free to share them with me

    Thanks! :-)

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    Default They're Everywhere

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    When I set up RoadTrips for myself, I have absolutely no trouble finding places that will be of interest to me no matter which route I decide to take, how much time I have to fill, or what time of the year I may be traveling. The single advantage I have in planning my own trips vs. giving advice on line (and it's a big one) is that I know exactly what I like and what I will find amusing, informative, inspiring, whatever. I, and the other regular contributors here, can only guess at what will interest someone else. That's why you'll see the same two pieces of advice over and over:

    1) There is no magic list of "must see" attractions. You will get as much out of your trip as you are willing to put into it. You have made an important first step in seeking information on the web, and particularly in seeking advice here, but it's only a first step.

    2) Slow down and enjoy the drive and the country along the way. If I only had a nickel for every person who thought that they were somehow 'different' and that unlike everyone else they could both drive 600-700 miles a day AND see everything on the way without getting tired, I could retire tomorrow. Again, you have made the right first move by setting aside plenty of time for this trip. I assume from your description that it's to be a one-way drive which leaves you even more time to experience stuff rather than just sit in the car and watch that stuff slide by at 70+ mph.

    So, what would I do with a few days to get from Chicago to Miami and an interest in nature and rural America? The first thing I'd do is forget the Interstates and the straight-as-an-arrow routes suggested by mapping software. I'd first look at the 'old' US highway system, which is still out there, often as four lane, divided highways, and has been relieved of much of the traffic for which it was designed and built by the newer Interstate System. Between Chicago and Miami, that would basically be US-31 and/or US-41, but even then, I wouldn't feel bound to follow those routes, but I would look at where they go and what's along them.

    Then, I'd look for a few 'big' venues that meet my needs. In your case, that might be the New River in West Virginia for some white water rafting, Great Smoky Mountains National Park for some great hiking, and the Okefenokee Swamp National Wildlife Refuge for a real return to nature.

    Now you're ready to start filling in details between those spots. this is where you can make sure that you get everything you want since you'll be in control, but for starters look at the Ohio river, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and US-27/US-19/US-82 around western and southern Georgia. Just a few of the sites you'll find along there include Carter Caves Resort State Park, Cumberland Gap National Historic Park, FDR's Little White House, Andersonville Prison, etc.


  3. Default Advice on route: Chicago to Florida / Miami

    Hi all,

    We're planning our second road trip (previously did San Fran - San Diego - Grand Canyon - Vegas which was amazing), but this time possibly from Chicago to Florida / Miami. The problem is we're unsure of where to go / stay and what to see.

    We're thinking we want to head from Chicago across to North Carolina and then south along the coast to Florida, but cant really work out the best route from Chicago which has an interesting drive and takes us through interesting towns etc. We really enjoyed the drive from San Diego to the Grand Canyon (staying at the lovely Wickenburg and Flagstaff), and so are looking at a similar experience if one exists.

    We both enjoy a beer or wine in the evening (we are on holiday!), so we'd prefer to avoid dry towns if possible, but if somethings worth seeing, we'd happily sacrifice a night for the experience.

    In terms of what we enjoy, we generally like getting to a town with a bit of history / something to see. Enjoy some local food, have a walk around the local shops / mall, grab a drink and generally soak up the atmosphere with the locals.

    Our trip is likely to be for around 2 weeks, spending a couple of nights in Chicago and maybe 3-4 nights in Florida (not sure about Miami?). So leaving around 8-9 days to do the drive, averaging maybe 200-250 miles a day. I don't mind a longer drive one/two days if there are no towns worth stopping for, meaning we get to spend more time in the better places.

    So, do we travel east from Chicago through Indiana, Ohio, The Virginias to North Carolina; or south through Illinois, Kentucky etc, or something else?

    Also, would you agree the Carolina's and east coast roads worth visiting and spending time at? Or is it better to take a different route?

    As you can see, we're not decided and looking for advice from some people who know the area well / have travelled the routes before.

    Any help you can offer is much appreciated.


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