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    We are planning a trip back home from Vegas to Michigan and want to make a stop over in West Wendover, Ut/NV (not sure which it is) It must be NV as there are casinos :)

    I was wondering if anyone out there has traveled the 93 North from Las Vegas, NV to West Wendover via the 93. It show on the map as a 2 lane highway, but was wondering about the elevations and how desolate is it? What towns are there on this highway? I could take the I-15 to I-80 but it adds almost 2 hours to the drive. Any suggestions, or help would greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    US-93 between Las Vegas and Wendover does, indeed, cover some mighty isolated countryside. However, that does not mean that you will travel for hour after hour and see no other life than buzzards by the side of the road. If you use the NV-318 shortcut, then you do have a fairly long stretch between Las Vegas and Ely where the largest towns you'll see, Alamo and Lund, have only a few hundred people. But there will be service stations and convenience stores should you need supplies. By this route Ely is less than 250 miles from Laos Vegas. Certainly doable on a tank of gas. If you stay on US-93, then you add miles (about 50) but will see a bit more 'civilization' in the towns of Caliente and Pioche (about a thousand souls each). Ely to Wendover is about 120 miles. But even apart from these towns, there will be the occasional gas station if your car can't even make it a few hundred miles. More to the point, you will not be alone on these roads. They are not heavily traveled to be sure, but they are traveled, and patrolled by the State Police. You will not die of thirst on the side of the road. And despite what Stephen King might have you believe, you will not be captured by a devil-worshipping zombie town cop.

    As to the terrain, you will be traveling through the geologic province known as the Basin and Range. As you might suspect, this is a series of basins (valleys) and mountain ranges. Fortunately for you, they all align north-south, so that you will always be driving in a flat-bottomed basin and never have to cross any of the mountain ranges. This is an area that appeals to me because of its 'magnificent desolation', as I call it. If you can assuage your fears and accept the land on its own terms, you are in for a wonderful, beautiful, and contemplative drive.


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    Default Desolate, but not uninteresting

    Allow me to second everything Buck has stated.

    I love travelling these roads less travelled. You may be surprised just how much there is to see and enjoy as well as contemplate. Whereas I have not travelled 93, I have travelled parts of other roads in eastern Nevada, as well as all of 50 - dubbed the Loneliest Road in America.

    One way to really get a feeling for the lifestyle in these regions, is to stop in one of the smaller places, sit down for a cuppa, get to chat with the locals, and hear what they say. You would be surprised how interesting their life is.


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    Default One of my favorite roads in the country

    I've driven US-93 many, many, times. I love that alternating basin and range geography and US-93 is one of the best roads to see it. And it passes through Tonapah and Ely, two of my favorite places in Nevada. If you can work it out to stay overnight in Ely --- You must stay at the Nevada Hotel -- Here are a few more tips from this area.


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    Thanks for all the info. We am planning to go the 1st or 2nd week of May. Doesn't sound like snow will be an issue there. From West Wendover we are taking I-80 to Omaha with a stop in Cheyenne, WY and Omaha,NE and then North to 90 around Rochester MN and then to Northern Michigan and down to Oscoda, MI. We have taken I-80 before to Southern Michigan and then up to Oscoda, but are trying something different going up to the UP of MI and down to Oscoda, MI.

    We have traveled from Reno to Las Vegas via 95 and thru Tonopah. I don't remember the exact route, but it was very interesting and very open area too. Sounds like 93 is somewhat similar?

    Thanks for some great info.


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