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  1. Default Las Vegas family road trip in april suggestions???

    Hello everybody, I am looking for some suggestions. First I was thinking of driving from Las Vegas to Sequoia National Park on the 14th of april, driving up to SFO on the 15th living SFO on the 17th to Las Vegas through the Eastern Sierra road 395 which I've read it's spectacular. But read some post that recommend alot more days than what I had in mind.

    Now I am thinking of traveling from Las Vegas to Sequoia on the 14th of april spending the 15th in the park and heading out down to Lake Isabella staying somewhere around here that night. The 16th head out towards Red Canyon and up to Mount Whitney, Lone Pine, Big Pine,Mammoth Lake through road 395 stay a night somewhere around here (mamoth lake if possible) and the head down to Las Vegas through Death Valley on the 17th and arriving to Las Vegas on that day. Is this to much???

    We are a family of five 35/36/16/5 and 70 years (very active) of age we are not from the states and is our first time in this part of the states. Never seen snow or drove in snow. So I guess you all get the picture of how worried I am. Any type of suggestions will be highly appriciated (great places I should visit, restaurants, hotels, roads to avoid and must due places) thanks in advance to enybody willing to help!!!

    No spell check available, english is my second langguage sorry for any errors.

    Here is a looong link of Google Maps of the route I'm thinking of taking:,4.916382&z=8

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    Default Within Reason

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The trip you've described (unfortunately, the link to your map isn't working) can be done in the equivalent of two days worth of driving. Spread out over four days, that should make for a nice mix of scenic RoadTripping and out-of-car hiking and learning experiences. Snow should not be a problem for the most part. The higher elevation passes over the Sierra Nevada will still be snow-bound but the major roads through the valleys and lowlands should be clear and dry.

    I have just one major recommendation. Only your youngest is eligible for the Junior Ranger program, but the entire family will get a kick out of helping him/her earn the badges and certificates. Be sure to check in at the ranger station upon arrival at each national park or monument that you visit to get the activity folder. It's meant to teach youngsters about the parks, but everyone will learn something.

    You've chosen a somewhat unusual route through some very pretty country and I think you're in for a great time. But don't expect all Americans to speak English as well as you do.


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    Thanks for your suggestion; I will definitely check it out. That is why I thought of skipping San Francisco and staying around the Sierras. I think my children will learn more by visiting the different parks in these areas than spending 1.5 days in SFO. I hope that we can see snow on this trip. However thank you very much for your suggestion; I will look in to Junior Ranger Program.

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    Default For consideration.

    A couple of alternatives for you to consider.

    1] You could head direct to Yosemite NP, [One of my all time favourites] perhaps spending the first night in Oakhurst and continuing into the park next day. Going through the Southern entrance will take you by the Mariposa Grove of giant Sequoia trees, and although not quite as big as the biggest of Sequoia NP trees, they are still spectacular ! You could explore the valley floor and leave the park and head towards Groveland/Jamestown for the night before continuing to Mammoth Lakes next day on CA/NV88 or US50, the mountain passes before these will be closed. This option will take you up the West of the Sierras and down the East side and is similar mileage to your plan. Both of these options do require quite a bit of time at the wheel for such a short trip and with that in mind, my second alternative will be 3 to 4 hours less time in the car but will mean missing out on Mammoth lakes.

    2] Is to head for Sequoia NP and spend most of the 15th in the park and stop nearby, perhaps around Exeter. You could then take a wonderful drive through the Sequoia National Forest via Camp Nelson and Johnsondale [past the 'Trail of 100 giants' grove of Sequoia trees] to Kernville along the Kern River Highway and around Lake Isabella. End your day in Lone Pine and have more time available to enjoy the incredible views and landscape of Death valley.

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    First of all Thanks for your recommendations, and for taking your time to read my post.

    The first recommendation, was on my original plans coming back from San Francisco to Las Vegas, But I've been reading that sometimes these roads require tire chains or at least having them available. I also read that is like a 12 hour drive with out the stops. That is why I decided to skip SFO and stay within the sierras area, giving me more time to explore and not spend long periods of time in the car with my 5 year old.

    Now on option #2, should I enter through Springville Road 190 or California Hot Springs and should I skip Red Canyon Park? When I go up to Mount Whitney, can I make to Mammoth Lakes that Day?

    Once again thanks for your suggestions!!!

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    I posted another Link to see if it works:

  7. Default Las Vegas to Hoover Dam to Grand Canyon if possible Bryce and Zion Family Road Trip

    Thanks in advance for taking you time to read this post any suggestion please fill free. We are a family of 5, 36/35/15/5/and 72 very active, I have never driven in snow or in these parts of the US.

    I will be arriving the 14th to Las Vegas and will take a road trip to Sequoia to Lake Isabella to Red Rock Canyon to Mount Whitney and through Death Valley on my way back to Las Vegas on then 17th. I want to visit Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon while I am in Las Vegas. But I am in kind of a budge $$, and have read how expensive is the Grand Canyon West Rim. I am thinking of getting the National Park Pass that should get me in free to most National Parks (In this case the South Rim longer drive).

    Now My question is there any way to visit all these parks In a day or two with no hiking involved or any special tours $$$. I want to spend some time in Las Vegas and celebrate my daughters birthday by taking her to a show "K" or "O" and my birthday as well (I don't know what I will due for myself). I will also be tiered of all the driving I've done by this time, I am not used to driving long distances.

    So far these are my plans:

    14 of April- arrive to Las Vegas @17:30 hrs Head out to Sequoia National Park and stay somewhere close to the park.

    15 of April- spend all morning and part of the afternoon in Sequoia. drive out toward Lake Isabella and stay somewhere around here.

    16 of April- Some sight seeing in LI, drive to Red Rock Canyon some sight seeing and drive north to Mount Whitney Stay the night around this area. Morning breakfast sight seeing and drive north toward Mammoth Lakes and Stay the night (If it is possible to make it there that night).

    17 of April- Drive toward Las Vegas through Death Valley. Arriving to Las Vegas on the evening.

    18 to 20 of April in Las Vegas

    21 of April- Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam same day going back to Las Vegas

    22 to 23 of April in Las Vegas, Go Back home this Evening Late.

    Any Suggestions???? Any Great places to eat???? Any Budget suggestions???? Thanks every body!!! Oh, and great forum by the way, I've planned my trip out of different post I've read here.

    Merged with previous posts. Please do not start multiple threads about the same trip.
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    Is it better to visit Grand Canyon North Rim, Zion and Bryce instead of South Rim and hoover Dam???

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    That's not going to work for several reasons. If you aren't arriving in LV until 17:30, you aren't going anywhere that evening except to a local hotel. By the time you get off the plane, claim your luggage, and pick up your rental car, it's going to be getting dark. It's an 8 hour drive from LV to Sequoia.

    There is no way you can go from LV to the GC and back same day. It's at least 5 hours each way with NO time to see anything.

    The GC North Rim is not open in April.

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    In addition to GLC's comments about things that simply aren't going to work (Sequoia on the day you arrive in Vegas, GC as a daytrip from Vegas) there is a pretty obvious change that would save you quite a few miles.

    Rather than stopping in Vegas multiple times, it would make more sense to go from Vegas to Grand Canyon and then directly across I-40 towards Sequoia (or vice versa, if you'd head towards Death Valley first). GC to Sequoia will take you a bit more than a day, so you would need to stop somewhere along the way, but it would save you a couple hundred miles vs. zig zaging north and south to Vegas.

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