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    Default Camping - Travelling in an MGB sports car.

    My wife and I are planning a 2 week camping/tenting road trip down the US west coast from Vancouver BC this June in our 64 MGB. Who has been there/done that ? Packing tips , lists etc. and most importantly a recount of your experiences are welcome. Happy road trips everyone ! Rob

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    So let me get the snark out of the way first: as a former proud owner of a '59 Austin-Healey, my hat's off to you for taking a vintage roadster on a road trip.

    That said, your challenge packing is the space you (don't) have. Do you have a trunk rack for extra gear?

    I would think once you get two sleeping bags and a tent in an MGB trunk you're starting to push the limits.

    First off: backpacking sleeping bags will pack much much tighter, and will also lighten the load in your wallet.

    Second off: see above. You want to consider using backpacking gear rather than car camping gear, as item for item the backpacking stuff will be smaller/lighter.

    Lastly: pack a membership in a good auto club with towing services! :)

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