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    My boyfriend and I are taking a road trip from Cleveland, Ohio to Orange Beach, Alabama and are looking for some advice on where to stop and stay along the way...we want to get the majority of the driving done the first day and only have to drive about 4-6 hours the second day...We are staying in Nashville on the way home so we want to see something different on the way down. Also, if you have any advice on fun things to see along the way or areas to avoid that would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks all

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    At nearly a thousand miles for the whole trip, there's really not a lot of wiggle room to make the second day significantly shorter than the first day. If you really want to only be on the road for 6 hours on the second day, you'd have to dedicate 12 hours to the first day's drive. A more reasonable division would be to drive around 550 miles the first day (about the maximum recommended if you want to remain alert and safe drivers) leaving a little under 450 for the second day. That would put your overnight stop in the vicinity of Columbia, TN. You may be able to get a little farther due to the excitement of your first day on the road, but if you try to push on past, say, Pulaski, you will be stretching your physical limits, and you'll either be a drowsy (read deadly) driver, or pay for it the next day, or both.

    And if you can't find more time for the drive, then you really don't have time to be considering making 'fun' stops.


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