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  1. Default Planning road trip from Savannah, GA to San Francisco, CA

    Ok. So I'm planning on taking a road trip to take a car out to california some time between late June and August. I will be driving a car out, leaving the car there, and flying back. My initial plans were to drive through Badlands, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, then over to Yosemite and up through big sur and monterey bay to Napa valley, where I would be leaving the car. With a little time I would also head to reno and lake tahoe. I would like to spend a couple of days in the Napa valley are with friends and family. The more I looked, the more time it looks like the planned trip will take. At this point I'm considering skipping badlands and Yellowstone (for drive time constraints) and taking a route through the Colorado Rockies, then to the grand canyon, then las vegas, then to Yosemite and using whatever time I have left to see big sur, reno/lake tahoe, and whatever else in Cali.

    What are some things I really shouldn't miss on this trip? I'm a semi-professional photographer and having some great pictures along the way counts for a lot to me for both memories and income. There doesn't seem to be a lot I'd like to see between here and Colorado, so I'm looking to make the most of the trip from there on out. What are some suggestions for things I don't want to miss along this trip? What do I need to consider along the way? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. And if I didn't ask it, but you think I need to know, feel free to let me know.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    We don't really do "must sees" or "can't misses" because they are so dependent upon personal taste. The other aspect is that the things you could potentially see and photograph on a trip that goes from coast to coast is literally in the billions.

    I will say that if you don't think there is a lot to see in the eastern 2/3rds of the country, you're taking a pretty closed minded approach that seems to counterintuative to what I'd expect from someone who is a photographer. The Rockies and the west are amazing, but there's a lot of interesting and amazing things that aren't quite so in your face.

    Just as there is far too much to start listing off individual ideas on a trip of this size, This entire site is filled with "thing to consider." I'd strongly recommend you just spend some time looking around this site - in the forum and beyond - and I'd start with this article from the planning section: The Art of the Roadtrip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zeusmoose View Post
    What are some things I really shouldn't miss on this trip?
    That's hard to say.... but I can share what I would not miss.

    Starting with Rocky Mountain National Park you will find CO so full of attractions, a month would not see you running out of sites to see there. The Million Dollar Highway gives some great photo opportunities, as do the small towns along the way. Then there is Moab, Arches NP, Canyonland and Monument Valley... another area where you will not run out of photo opportunities. There is Bryce and Zion as well as the Grand Canyon, but since you do not say how long you have for this trip, may not be able to do both. If time is an issue, possibly the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, and then onto Bryce and Zion. If there is time, the South Rim along with Bryce and Zion. On to Death Valley. Don't miss that for taking pictures of spectacular landscapes most Georgians probably have not, and may never see. Yosemite is another place you may want to spend some time, before heading up to Lake Tahoe and Reno. And that is just to mention a few.

    There is no end to the attractions along this route.

    Quote Originally Posted by zeusmoose View Post
    There doesn't seem to be a lot I'd like to see between here and Colorado.....
    You might be surprised just how much there is, but I will leave it up to others more familiar with that region to outline all the attractions east of the Mississippi.

    Lifey who has 1000s of US photos

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    I guess I should clarify...I don't know of any places I specifically want to visit this side of the Rockies. I'm sure there's some amazing places between here and there. Part of the issue is I would like to make good time out so I can spend more time on the western half of the rockies. I have spent quite a bit of time on the eastern half and traveled the majority of it, but the only time I've spent west of the rockies was in cali.

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