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    Default First road trip vacation from dallas to orlando

    This is our first actual road trip vacation out of Texas. We have chossen to drive and we have no clue what all we can do on the way. Like places to stop and see or good food stops or even maybe just small places to stop and take photos. We are very clueless but are very ready for this trip. Please give us some tips. Thanks in advance!!!!

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    Default Your input needed for us to be of any help.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    At this point the tip I can best offer is to simply do a little research. Get the map out, see what interests you and start trying to create a route around those places. You will find Lots of info by searching the forums and looking at the road trip planning pages above and once you are a little more 'clued up', we can help fill in the blanks.

    Having no idea of what your interests are, or how much time you have for the trip, makes it impossible to make meaningful suggestions. You should make the road trip all about you and not about following someone else's idea of the 'perfect' trip. Once you have worked on the basics we will be pleased to help.

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