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    Hi Gang!

    My co-driver and I are leaving for Las Vegas on Wednesday night and driving straight through from Portland, Oregon. We need to be there Thursday late afternoon/evening. I'm headed there on business and need to bring my truck as I'm picking up a trailer there to haul back. I've been researching the best routes and there seems to be a couple of options. We will be driving through the night and so for fuel economy sake I'll need a few night-time gas stops. Essentially we will not be looking for a sightseeing tour...we just need to get there. We will take turns at the wheel for safety. The way back will be a touch easier as we have a bit more time.

    What do you all think?


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    Default Please Don't

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Do you realize that what you are proposing is every bit as dangerous as drunk driving and is the cause of thousands of death and injuries on American roads every year?

    A plan to drive more than 1000 miles, even with 2 drivers, in one sitting is far too much to do safely. Trying to do it in the middle of the night, when your body thinks it should be sleeping and doing it on slower and more challenging 2 lane roads only adds to the danger.

    If you think that taking turns driving will make this any safer, you are only fooling yourself. It just becomes a matter of who is holding the gun in a very real game of russian roulette. One person sleeping while the other drives actually increases the chances of the driver falling asleep, so both people need to be awake at all times, which means you can't possibly get enough rest to do this safely.

    If you need to be back in Portland by Thursday Afternoon, you need to leave Wednesday morning, at the latest, giving you time to stop to get some real sleep to break up this trip. There is nothing that is so important with your time deadlines that you need to risk your life or the lives of the many other people with whom you will be sharing the road.

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    Ok, shoot me :)

    I knew I was going to get that response and you're right. It is not advisable to drive that distance without a good, restful stop. That said what route would be the best. Again, Portland to Las Vegas. and back.

    Thanks so much!


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    The fastest and best way from Portland to LV is I-5 south to Stockton, CA-4 to CA-99 to Bakersfield, then CA-58 to I-15. Optionally, you can stay on I-5 to Lost Hills and take CA-46 to CA-99, but that involves about 20 miles of 2 lane road and quite a few traffic lights. The travel time is virtually identical. The halfway point, and the most logical for overnight stops, is the Sacramento area.

    Note that your drive home with a trailer is going to be a grind - 2 long days - because CA has a 55 mph speed limit when towing. On the way down the speed limit is 70 most of the way in CA.

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