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  1. Default Wilmington, DE>Montreal>Burlington, VT. Looking for stopping point overnight in NY?

    Hi all--- I will be taking a road trip from Wilmington Delaware to Montreal in late June. We will be spending 3 nights in Montreal. On the way back, we will spend two nights in Burlington, Vermont. It is about 7-8 hours from Burlington back to Wilmington. We were looking at breaking up that trip by staying somewhere in upstate New York that is along the way back. Any good recommendations for a town/area to stay and spend the night as well as explore for just 1 day. Ideally it would be sort of halfway from Burlington so that we had 3-5 hours to get back to Wilmington. Thanks for your help. Love this website!

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    Default Hyde Park?

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Hyde Park, New York fits your desire for an deplorable town halfway between Burlington and Wilmington. Among the notable sites worth visiting there include the National Historic Sites: the homes of both Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eleanor Roosevelt (Val-Kill) as well as the Vanderbilt Mansion. West Point and the Catskills are also nearby.

    A couple of routing suggestions. First, be sure to take the ferry from Burlington over to the New York side of Lake Champlain get your trip home off to a good start. then thing about using NY-22 as a scenic alternative to I-87 southbound, affording stops at Crown Point and Fort Ticonderoga. And a scenic alternative to coming through New York City and/or its suburbs would be to take I-64 west from Newburgh, NY to Milford, PA and then US-209 down through the Delaware Water Gap followed by PA-33/I-78/I-476 to Chester and home.


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    Thanks for your response.

    You mention that Hyde Park is "deplorable" that a good thing?

    Any place in particular in the Catskills to check out? Thanks.

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    Default Over-Reliance on Spell Checker

    That should be "explorable" (which is not a word, apparently) not "deplorable". I sometimes don't check what my spell checker suggests as a replacement for misspelled words. My mistake.

    I'm not that familiar with the Catskills, other than it's reputation as the "Borscht Belt". But I'm sure that there are the usual hiking trails and such that you would expect in a large, forested state park.


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