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  1. Default RT from Toronto > Vancouver (Via America) in 2 Weeks. Possible?

    Hi All,

    My girlfriend and I are planning a road trip across Canada/USA in July this year and I'd like some help/advice on a few things as it's going to be the first time we've done something this big and complex before (we're both 28 and from the UK). To cut a long story short we need to start out in Toronto and have chosen to finish in Vancouver (will be one-way) as I have relatives there and the flights back from the UK seem quite cheap from there.

    My plan is to split our time between both countries as we'd really like to see both. I've always had a thing for Montana so this is a must in our Trip, budget isn't hugely important but time is as I run my own business and can only really afford around 2 weeks to do the trip. Problem is I really can't decide on a route and don't know whether I'm being too optimistic with time.

    My current idea is (the place markers aren't significant):

    So I guess my questions are:

    1. Is this do-able in 2 weeks?
    2. Scenary wise are there any better routes?
    3. Am I right in thinking that Nebraska would be a nicer drive than the "dokatas"?

    Any help/advice greatly appreciated!



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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'd say that will make for a busy, but doable 2 weeks.

    I will say the Nebraska portion I really don't understand. Is there a specific reason you are going that far south other than you thinking it would be a "nicer driver?" I'll say to me, it seems like you are going a very long way out of your way to avoid some pretty spectacular places like the Badlands or the Black Hills.

    Another option you might consider other is going across the Southern edge of Lake Superior, rather than up and over it. Both are very nice routes, but that's a place where you could save a few miles and have more time to enjoy what you do see.

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    Thanks for the reply. Glad to hear it's just about do-able!

    About Nebraska yes that's the only real reason, my original route took me through North Dakota straight into Montana but then read a few things online saying that it's quite a boring drive and that Nebraska was a better option then realised by going through Nebraska also means we could visit Yellowstone and so the route grew! I thought that the Badlands extended over all those states or have I got that wrong?

    Good point about Lake Superior, I'll check that out.



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    Forgot to mention that Scenery is the most important thing for us. The more diverse the better!

  5. Default Dakotas

    I would recommend the Dakotas over Nebraska! We have driven several times through Nebraska in the summer and have had nothing but awful weather and dull scenery. The Dakotas can be beautiful, especially if you drive through at the right time of the summer when the wildflowers are blooming everywhere. We have seen some breathtaking sights! Def look into it a bit more before you decide. Hope that helps :)

    PS - you could stop at Mt Rushmore along the way, wasnt as touristy as we had thought it would be, and the trees are stunning in that area. Also try and stop at Split Rock Lighthouse State Park in Minnesota if that is along your route, you will get away with some lovely photos and if you are into camping, they have sites right off the shore that are very private and easy to access.

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    For scenery, you would probably want to base your route around I-90 through SD. The eastern half is nothing special, but then you will have the Badlands National Park and the Black Hills. From there, I see you have Yellowstone and Glacier.

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