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  1. Default Road trip starting Orlando.

    Hi, how are you?

    I always read the forum but i really dont post much.

    I am going to do a road trip starting in june and would really need advice as there will be like 2 different road trips.

    The first one i will start in Orlando and need to return to Orlando, i have about 22, max 27 days and i want to go to Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky , South Carolina and some parts of Alabama.

    I would really appreciate any tips for sighseeing, etc, i want to say i am From Argentina, Buenos aires and i like country music so i want to go to Nashville..

    Then after i return to Orlando, i am going to San Diego, this is where i dont know how much time i would need, etc, i want to go to N.Orleans, some parts of Texas and then not much more as i already been to the Grand Canyon and some other areas that way.

    Maybe it would be a better trip if i go through Colorado even if it is longer?

    Well, any help is appreciated


  2. Default help?

    well, any ideas or help would be appreciated...

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    Default Very Strange

    We try to answer every inquiry within hours, but yours is the second to come to light recently that 'fell through the cracks'. So without further ado....

    Three weeks is a ton of time to wander about the south, more than I can fill with specific suggestions on music, but here are a few. Memphis has a thriving music scene as well, and although it is known for the Blues, you should also be able to find some excellent C&W as well. Similarly, North Carolina, Kentucky and the Appalachian region in general is home to the great Blue Grass musicians and is worth exploring both for that reason as well as the mountain scenery, caves and down home cooking.

    On your drive west, make a point of spending a night or two in Austin, which has a very eclectic and vibrant music reputation, and wherever you are on Friday and Saturday nights, be sure to 'inquire locally' about which local bands are playing at which bars.


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    thanks for your reply AZ, could you or someone also help me how much time i would need to drive from Orlando to Los Angeles, i would like to go see some of New Orleans, Texas, and go through Las Vegas.


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    Default Five Days...Plus

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    You would need a minimum of five days to complete the driving safely. Add to that the fact that the cities you want to stop in, and presumably sample the nightlife in, are not ideally spaced for you to comfortably arrive in the late afternoon to early evening and I'd suggest that you budget around 7-8 days for the trip.


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