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    Default Oregon to Missouri

    The wife and I are relocating the first week in May from Portland, Oregon to the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri. We have a tentative plan as far as what we want to see but looking for some advice. We're heading south the the redwoods and want to hit the Grand Canyon as well. I'm a HUGE history buff and while I can't head to Tombstone since it's too far south but I'd love to see some western towns, hopefully still looking like a western town. I was looking at Dodge City but it's not authentic, it's simply a bunch of old buildings put together how an old western town WOULD look. Anything awesome to see along the way. Thinking of stopping by Sequoia National park as well. Looks fairly easy to get around but wondering if there's anywhere to avoid on the trip and if there's anything along the way that'd be great for a history buff to see? We've got it planned to the canyon but after that don't really know a whole lot. Also plan on sleeping in our truck most of the way (Explorer) so are there any places that we can stop for the night that people have stopped at before? Basically taking I 40 from the canyon to MO.

    and to be a little more specific we are going to be with a dog and pulling a 4x8 Uhaul Trailer. While we are staying i our car we're looking at staying in camp grounds or RV road stops, not a walmart parking lot which I'm pretty sure is illegal. If anyone knows any nice cheap camp grounds along the I-40 route as well that'd be AMAZING!!!
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    Default Truck Stops

    You'd do well to invest in the National Truck Stop Directory. It lists all the truck stops which have space set aside for RVs. It is legal and secure. Being 24 hour operations, there are people coming and going all night. They are all well lit, and have services such as restaurants, showers, etc.


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    Default History, Old and New

    There's all kinds of history along this (and almost any other) route, ranging from pre-Columbian to modern. Just some of the sites you have to choose from include: Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park, the Air Force Flight Test Center Museum at Edwards Air Force Base, Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Walnut Canyon National Monument, Meteor Crater, Petroglyph National Monument, the Salinas Pueblo Missions National Monument, Fort Reno, and the Oklahoma City Memorial. In addition, state parks often offer a great combination of scenic and low cost camping, and a small trailer should not prove too much of a problem at most sites.


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    Default New Mexico State Parks

    Quote Originally Posted by Yazbremski
    If anyone knows any nice cheap camp grounds along the I-40 route as well that'd be AMAZING!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck
    State parks often offer a great combination of scenic and low cost camping, and a small trailer should not prove too much of a problem at most sites.
    Bluewater Lake and Santa Rosa Lake are both less than ten miles off of I-40 and the camping fees are pretty cheap, just as Buck said. You would want to pick up any supplies (food, ice, etc.) in town before heading out to either of these lakes.

    There are some good pictures of Bluewater here.

    And here are two of Santa Rosa Lake.

    View to the north

    View northeast

    New Mexico State Parks

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    So we're almost settled this trip here and it's coming real soon. Looks like
    Day 1-Portland, OR - Eureka, CA
    Day 2- Fortuna, CA - Fresno, CA
    Day 3 - Fresno, CA - Bakersfield, CA
    Day 4 - Bakersfield, CA - Peach Springs, AZ
    Day 5 - Peach Springs, AZ - Albuquerque, NM
    Day 6 - Albuquerque, NM - Oklahoma City, OK
    Day 7 - Oklahoma City, OK - Rocky Mount, MO(final destination)

    Along the way I think we're stopping to see some big trees in California, seeing the Grand Canyon in AZ then along the way looking for some awesome roadside stuff to see. Anyone know of anything along that route/any information that would be useful? Any roads hard to navigate along that pathway? I know there's a lot of vets out there who have driven everywhere. BTW, I love history and would love to see some old west type stuff along the way. Anything I can spring on my wife that's right off the highway?

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    Day 2 and 3 are out of balance. It's a full day's drive at best to get from Eureka to Fresno, and it's a very short drive from Fresno to Bakersfield. You can see a bunch of huge trees on the Avenue of the Giants not far south of Fortuna just off 101.

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    We're planning on doing some hiking along the way. We're not on a super tight time schedule as opposed to when we came from New York to Oregon so we wanted to take some time to enjoy some hiking and large tree's in California.

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    Default Grand canyon NP ?

    That would be ideal if you want to spend the day in Sequoia NP and enjoy the giant Sequoias which are a different species to the coastal Redwoods.

    As you have selected 'Peach Springs' for your next stop I wonder if you are thinking of visiting the West rim of the Grand canyon ? If so, you should know that it isn't part of the National park and is located on Indian lands. Part of the road way is unpaved and you wouldn't be able to go down it with your trailer I doubt. You can get a bus ride in which is time consuming and with a visit to 'Skywalk' can be expensive. You won't get the famous views of the canyon like you see from the NP area and that is where I would personally recommend you head to. If so, I would head as near to Williams or Tusayan as possible from Bakersfield, to give you the time to enjoy the GC views before heading on to Albu.

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