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    Hi, I am new to this site and would like to know if anyone has any tips for my provisional summer road trip. I am from Scotland but am working over here in the USA for a couple of years. We are trying to see as much of the USA as we can. Last year we did Knoxville, Nashville, Memphis Atlannta and charlotte. Next fall we are going to do new england and we have done niagra and toronro already. We are based just south of Washington in Maryland.
    We will be 5 in the car my wife, son (aged 9) and my in-laws. I was planning the following break down of overnight stays
    Charleston WV 1
    Louisville 2,3
    St Louis 3,4
    Chicago 5,6
    Detriot 7
    Cleveland 8,9
    Pittsburgh 10
    I have spoken to a few work friends and as soon as I said I was going to this trip nearly everyone said why !! Everyone said they wouldn't visit these cities. Are they right?
    We generally stay in nice hotels in the city downtown areas and enjoy visiting new places and want plenty of photo memories of our trip. Any advice would be great.
    Many thanks in advance for those that can help.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Why is actually a very good question. Not because you shouldn't visit these places, but because it explains what you are thinking and what you want to do.

    Your trip as you've laid it out is perfectly fine, but it is rather one dimensional. Are cities the only think you like to see?

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    I guess we generally visit cities when we travel and then try and see a few sights on the way. Not knowing the areas or the little gems around then or on route. So far we have highlighted, New river gorge WV, mamoth caves / corvett factory, gateway arch, beer tasting in st louis, sears sky deck and maybe a boat tour, ford motor museum, sandusky west side market, rock and poll hall of fame. We are still looking at what to do just picked out a few cities and head out and find stuff.

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