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    My boyfriend and I are planning to drive from the Dayton, Ohio area up to Alaska in about a month, where we'll both be living for at least the summer (I'm from Alaska, and did a similar drive with my family back when I was 12... but that was a long time ago!). We had originally been planning to fly, but after considering things recently decided it made more sense to drive.

    We're looking at leaving Ohio around April 18th, and hoping to get to Alaska by May 3rd at the latest. Since we just made this decision in the last few days, it's a little overwhelming trying to plan everything for a trip so soon!

    At this point, we're thinking we'll head West from Ohio, going by Mount Rushmore, then up through Yellowstone & Glacier National Parks, and then through Banff once we're in Canada. In our preliminary planning, those are the only points we've really picked so far!

    I'm wondering if any has general advice for us concerning the trip, and any other suggestions on places we should check out and things we should do. We're hoping to camp along the way, and I'm wondering if folks think that's feasible, and what kind of camping fees we may be looking at?

    Thanks so much!!!!

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    I hate to bust your bubble, but not many roads are open in Yellowstone in April and very few facilities are open. Also, the Going-to-the-Sun Road through Glacier will not be open till June. If you are going to be camping up in the mountains, it's going to be cold!

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    Default More research

    Besides the fact that the national parks will have limited access, you will have some other challenges to contend with. I highly recommend that you purchase The Mile Post as soon as possible.

    You will be making this trip, basically before the tourist season opens, and you may find that services along the highway in Alberta and Yukon are limited. The Mile Post has all the information on where to find services, campground, road conditions, etc. You will have at your fingertips all the information you could possibly need along the way, including the prices of accommodation and campgrounds.

    On the upside, you are not likely to encounter a great deal of traffic or wildfires. Also road construction and repairs will not be widespread yet, so hold ups should be few. But that may mean that the roads are rough, and the going could be slow.

    Early spring wildlife could give you some amazing experiences and photo opportunities, especially between Dawson Creek and Whitehorse. The speed along this section is relatively slow, which helps when looking for wildlife. And maybe the roads will be clear enough to do some of the side trips to waterfalls and other sights, all of which are listed in The Mile Post.

    15 days should allow for a relaxing journey. Enjoy this magnificent route.

    Lifey wishes you a safe jouney

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