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    I'm planning a four day trip from Chicago to Niagara Falls. It's my first trip to the area and I would rather take my time to get there instead of driving straight, so I might just spend one night and two days in the Niagara Falls area. I think I would like to arrive to the USA side first and then drive back home through Canada. Any advice on places to stop on the way? Is four days enough? Should I drive non stop instead. Any reservations on the way? Many questions, so any advice and recommendations are welcome. Thanks

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    It's just possible to drive from Chicago to Niagara Falls in one day, so 2 days would be a very leisurely trip. Why not do it in a day and a half? I-90 all the way from Chicago to Buffalo. The halfway point is somewhere between Toledo and Cleveland - so I'd say you should make it at least as far as Cleveland for the overnight - if it's still early and you feel up to it, just keep going till you feel you need to stop. You won't need to make any reservations, just find a motel/hotel and walk in.

    Same thing applies on the way back through Canada - take 403 to 401 to 402 and cross the border at Sarnia. Take I-69 to I-94 to I-90. The halfway point is between Sarnia and Flint, perhaps you could overnight in London.

    This would give you 2 half days and an overnight in Niagara.

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    Default A Stop or Two

    Where to stop on any given RoadTrip depends far more on your interests than what's available. There's always something available. To give you just a general idea, if you plan to stop somewhere around Cleveland on your eastbound leg, then you've got several choices. Scenic: Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Scientific: Natural History Museum, Cultural/Eclectic: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Similarly, coming back through Canada, and presuming you'd be spending the night somewhere around Detroit, Dearborn Village is just one of many spots worth a stop.


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