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  1. Default Want to drive to a warm beautiful beach in Mid April from NYC. Where to go?

    Hi all,

    I am new here so forgive me if this topic been mentioned a million times...

    I want to drive down to a warm beach mid April from NYC.

    I visited Florida few years ago around April (via plane) so I know the weather will be great. But I want to search for more options as I do want to shorten the drive as much as possible; My time and budget is limited.

    I never been to Virginia, but I heard there is a Virginia Beach. I don't know if it is warm around mid April considering it is pretty close to NY. Perhaps there's good beach in Georgia, North/South Carolina, etc?

    If I am stuck going to Florida am I missing out anything going to Daytona Beach or should I just go all the way down South Florida, or maybe going for a Gulf Coast beach like Sarasota?

    Any advise will be appreciated, thank you

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    Default The further north of Florida, the iffier.........

    Hello OMG,

    My friends in Virginia Beach enjoyed an +80 degree day on Sunday. Even into April, however, they can just as easily see a high of 60 and blustery conditions.

    If your beachgoing includes getting into the water, I'll say undoubtedly both VA and NC beaches will feature ocean water too cold to enjoy on the warmest of April days. I'd guess the ocean (or Gulf) will be chilly everywhere other than mid- to south Florida, for that matter.

    Convenient to I-95 from NYC are NC's beaches on the Crystal Coast (Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle, etc), the Wilmington area beaches (Wrightsville, Carolina, Kure, Oak Island, Holden, Ocean Isle, Sunset beaches), SC has the +40 mile long Grand Strand of Myrtle Beach and neighboring communities, and further south in SC are the high-end luxury resort beaches of Kiawah and Hilton Head. I imagine a simple search will reveal average daytime highs and water temps for most any location you want to further investigate.


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    Looks like Myrtle Beach is definitely my "North" limit and it is about 12 hours away. I probably want to go farther south for warmer weather. Any suggestion for beach city in SC and FL area? Is Daytona Beach a good choice?

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    Default Lots of variables


    It's impossible to make suggestions about one beach vs another because I have my own ideas of what makes an enjoyable stay at the beach and they clearly don't mesh with the opinions of others. The more remote and "throwback to the 1950s" a southern US beach is, the more I like it. The more high-rises and T-shirt shops a beach has, the less I like it.

    That said, I offer the following very generalized observations:

    Myrtle Beach/Grand Strand: Highly developed, lots and lots of high-rises, amusement parks, golf courses, bars, and restaurants.

    Kiawah Island: High luxe, somewhat secluded, great beach, world-class golf, bicycling galore.

    Hilton Head: Never been there, but has the reputation of being higher-end than Kiawah.

    North Florida: Never been to Amelia Island, but it has a high luxe reputation.

    Ormond Beach: Immediately north of Daytona Beach, and understated with just a few high-rises and not much in the way of "urban" development. Several older motor courts/motels. Pretty much right up my alley.

    Daytona Beach: The Grand Strand on steroids, but funky/cool with some edgy biker and NASCAR undertones. Plus you can drive on the beach at Daytona, which is an entirely cool way to schlep your chairs, umbrellas, cooler, etc to the water's edge.


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    Well, I enjoyed the family friendly atmosphere on the boardwalk in Ocean City and Wildwood in New Jersey. I visited there a few times already. Ideally if I can find something similar in SC or FL would be great. A beach town with places to go on foot would be great.

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    What about St. Augustine?

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    Default If OC and Wildwood appeal to you, then...............

    ..........I'd guess Myrtle Beach and Daytona Beach will, too.


  8. Default Service Area and Stopping Center Map?

    I am getting my NYC to Florida road trip plan together but i want to know if there is such thing as a Service Area and Stopping Center Location Map.

    I do have a GPS but I won't know where is the rest stop until I am on the road.

    I might move away from I-95 for part of the trip for stops and if there is any google map style map that list all the service area and/or stopping center it can give me a piece of mind while I am on the road.
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    Once you get away from the Tollways of the Northeast, the rest area/service plaza combo doesn't really exist. Since there is no penalty or hassle for getting off the interstate when there is no toll, there's just no real need for them. You'll still have rest areas, with bathrooms and often some tourist info, but you'll be able to find fuel and restaurants at nearly ever exit - and that's rarely more than 10-20 miles apart.

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    Default South of Baltimore..............

    .........I think the only tolls are for the Baltimore-area tunnel(s) or the bridge if you were to jog over east of I-95 (which I wouldn't do). There is a travel plaza w/out a conventional exit between Balto and DC, but as was noted above, there are no toll issues with getting off and back on south of the north side of Balto.

    That said, there are parts of both Balto and DC I would not recommend exiting at, so entering Balto from the north with a full tank and an empty bladder is wise. By the time you get down towards Quantico, VA, you're fine in that respect.


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