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    I've seen threads on here listing road trip songs, but my question is a little different. I'd like to make a playlist of songs that have something to do with the places I'm going. I'll be going from Minnesota, thru Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, and South Dakota this summer. So I'll probably put Rocky Mountain High by John Denver and Rocky Mountain Way by Joe Walsh on my playlist. Can anybody else recommend some songs for these places?
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    In my travels to Colorado, Yellowstone, and Glacier this summer I'm looking for one more stopping off point, and Craters of the Moon caught my interest. I've never been, but it looks interesting. Can anybody help me out? Is this a worthwhile place to go spend one night and half a day, considering that I'd have to drive 3 or 4 hours out of the way to get there?

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    I visited Craters of the Moon a few years ago as part of a Fall swing through the northern Rockies. As long as you realize that the craters in Craters of the Moon are nothing at all like the real craters on the moon, it can actually be an enjoyable experience, especially if you have a geologic bent. I particularly enjoyed hiking and crawling through some of the lave tubes (Reminder: bring a good flashlight with well-charged batteries). If you have a little more time in the area, then I recommend heading west a bit to the town of Bruneau and the Bruneau Sand dunes and Bruneau Canyon, two overlooked natural wonders.


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    Hello cwk,

    I visited Craters of the Moon with an 8-week geology school summer field trip in 1975. Craters is not comparable to Yellowstone or Glacier in terms of alpine scenery, forested mountains, etc, but it is instead a fairly unique lava flow setting with much to attract those who are interested in geology.

    Your side-trip to Craters can easily include a pass through the Big Hole Valley in Montana. It lies just east of the US 93 corridor and connects to it at Lost Trail Pass, the MT-ID state line. From there MT 43 goes east into the Big Hole to Wisdom, thence MT 278 south to I-15 at Dillon, thence south on I-15 into ID and a bit west back over to Craters. The Big Hole is nothing less than amazing, and the Big Hole National Battlefield Park on MT 43 near Wisdom is a must-see.

    Have fun planning and taking your Northern Rockies RoadTrip.


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