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    Default Epic road trip from FL to AK and back

    So iv been wanting to take a road trip to AK since I was 10. I now have the opportunity to go and was seeking if anyone was interested in tagging along. I will be driving my car and can pick anyone up along the route. I will be stopping to see Mt. Rushmore and Yellow Stone. I will be camping all the way up and back to save money. I am planning on leaving June 1st and returning July 1st. The only thing that we will split 50/50 will be gas and campgrounds everything else such as supplies and attractions will be on you. I am very flexible so if there is any other places you wanted to go see we can talk it over. If your interested send me an email {Email Removed per Forum Policy}as I will most likely for get to check back on this site. Thanks and happy traveling!
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    Default Welcome, I guess

    When you come to a forum and immediately say you won't bother to return, it is hard to give you a welcome. But in any case, I've moved your thread to the appropriate forum for such a question, just in case you decide to check back in.

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