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    I'm planning a trip in september, probably west of USA ( SAn Francisco etc ). Duration of this trip could be 18 days. I would like to ask you if you can help me to pick attractive places where to go. I will use a car.
    I'm intereset for country side and Cities as well.

    Thank you for help

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The "Where to Go" is the single most difficult question to answer, because the answer depends solely on you and your interests.

    Throw in the fact that the limitations of "West USA" and "18 days" are so vague that they leave countless options, and we know absolutely nothing about your interests to even begin to narrow them down, and we are left with a question that is quite literally impossible to answer.

    There are plenty of resources on this site and elsewhere to help find some ideal destinations for you, but until you've got at least a shell of an idea, you're just not far enough along in your planning for us to give you much help. Once you answer the basic questions, then we can be much more useful in giving you some additional ideas and suggestions.

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    Hi, That's true. I was thinking if this is so hard question. Anyway thank you.
    I will try to ask more detail. We are young couple and we will arrive to L.A. or San Francisco and then we would like to go:
    1. San diego
    2. Williams ( If there is some place between it would be perfect )
    3. Grand Canyon
    4. Monument Valley
    5. Capitol Reef
    6. Zion
    7. Las Vegas
    8. Death Valley
    9. San Fracisco

    in 18 days. We are thinking to rent a car and sleep at the motels. Do you think this is the best way or is there another way?
    I would really appreciate If you can recommend some other place in this or near this area.

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    HI, you might want to visit the following, east of Flagstaff:

    Meteor Crator
    Petrified forrest/painted desert

    There is also 4-corners (only place where 4 states meet at 1 point) which is quite near Monument Valley, but when I was there 22 years ago it wasn't up to much. But if you'r passing!

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    Your trip is quite reasonable in the time you have available. I would consider going to Bryce canyon when travelling between Capitol Reef and Zion NP and would most definitely recommend a visit to Yosemite NP on the way between Death valley and San Francisco. If you completed a full loop and started and finished in the same City you could also visit some of spectacular coastline between Monterey and Cambria around Big Sur. I wouldn't try to add to much more as it could start to become a little rushed and it's sometimes best to have some quality time in places.

    A lot will depend on your style of travel, how long you might want to stay in one place and the pace that you are happy to travel at. You will certainly need your own mode of transport and a car and Motels is the popular and more comfortable 'budget friendly' choice. Camping is an option as is an RV [Campervan] but unless you are a larger group travelling the RV can become quite expensive.

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    Thank's a lot for your answers, I will definetely add your recommend places to my plan and also will rent the car for this time.
    About Motels, how it is with booking or it is not important to book beforehand, please?

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    The National parks are extremely popular and have many visitors particularly in peak season. You should be able to find lodgings in towns outside of the parks, but to stay inside them you would need to book early in advance to guarantee a room. If you you want to leave your trip open to change you will always find some place for the night, if you end up with a set itinerary then personally I would book ahead and devote your time to visiting these natural wonders.

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