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Thread: GPS suggestion

  1. Default GPS suggestion


    Will be doning a roadtrip nad wondering if anyone could recommend a GPS?
    Planning buying from ebay and have it shipped to sweden. Not to expensive, just a good unit.


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    I really think as long as you are going with a Garmin or a TomTom, you should be just fine. Beyond that, the biggest differences are in features. Most of those are really more of a personal preference than anything essential.

    Personally, I have a Garmin Nuvi that I'm pretty happy with. It has the larger 4.5 inch screen, rather than the 3 inch you'll find on the cheapest models. It came with a traffic feature that I find only marginally useful, since I'm usually stuck by the time it notices the problem. The one thing I'd look for if its not too expensive is a model with lifetime map updates - since one update can cost nearly as much as the GPS itself.

    And of course it should go without saying, the GPS is a secondary tool. Good paper maps are still the #1 item of importance when it comes to navigation.

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    Default No substitute for good maps

    Whereas I agree that a GPS can on rare occasions be a useful item, it is not a substitute for good paper maps.

    Somewhere in these forums there is a thread about a couple who, in 2009, were lost in the snow, thanks to their GPS. The same thread has a link to an article in which a spokesperson for Garmin is quoted as saying that they are meant to be a general direction device only, and were never meant to be for exact directions.

    My first 60000 miles were without a GPS. On my last trip I bought a GPS and lost count of the times it gave me incorrect directions or took me to the wrong destination.

    Lifey who now sticks to paper maps

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    I am also in the 'Paper map' camp but also agree that the GPS can be useful. If you put an 'A' to 'B' address into the GPS it will take you by the 'quickest' route. This will often mean driving an extra XX amount of miles on Interstate, to save 3 mins on a route that could have driven you through some beautiful scenery and past small towns, State parks etc. So it's important to show it who's boss and you 'lead the way' with a good paper map and use 'Waypoints' in the GPS to help guide you. For me the GPS's strong point is at the end of the day, if you have an address for the Motel or Campground it will guide you straight in. Also you can find Local stuff like restaurants or gas stations in the area.

    We used a TomTom that we bought here in England and then ordered the US map online from the TomTom Centre and downloaded it before leaving for the US. All in all, it was a helpful tool, but only to assist, not to plan.

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    Eh, honestly I wouldn't trust a flebay GPS.... I know people have good experiences with ebay, others have terrible experiences. Personally I just recently found, bought a cooler from them and a lighter socket 12 volt TV and couldn't be happier. They also sell GPS units but having a smart phone I have no need for a stand alone GPS at the moment.

    Although I'm not sure which GPS would work in Sweden they have a number of them to choose from, I have never had an issue with them and they offer a phone number for support.

    Hope that helps you out :).
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    I'd wait till you get here and buy one at Walmart. You can get a very serviceable unit for around $100 USD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glc View Post
    I'd wait till you get here and buy one at Walmart. You can get a very serviceable unit for around $100 USD.
    Just make sure you can update the maps!

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    thx... Will also buy the randy mcnally road atlas....... Like we did last time, but I wouldnt want to be without a GPS in US ;) very helpful in cities and so on.......

    and I would like to have it the first day in US so I will buy one before we travel.....

    And I could by one in sweden and download a US map for about 60-100USD but this would be more expensive and we will only use it for our US roadtrip........ and the car rental would charge us 200$ for a GPS ............
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    I personally am looking at buying a Garmin Nuvi. I've read and heard good things, not to mention, we have been planning our entire trip on Microsoft Streets and Trips. All I have to do is transfer the file to the nuvi and all of my custom routes are right there telling me where to go (or so I've read). One thing I'm keeping in mind is the quality of the unit I buy. Friend of mine bought a cheaper model (not sure on manufacture) and when he was driving at a high rate of speed (80mph), it started showing him drifting off into corn fields. He would decrease speed (65mph) and it would correct itself for another 15 minutes or so. Again, only at high speeds, but still something to keep in mind.

    I am an Eagle Scout so I will naturally have my map out, but I do love my gadgets. Never trust electronics. They're bound to fail at some point. There is a reason the Columbian Navy's 'boot camp' is them sailing around the ocean with no tech. but a radio.

    Speaking of maps...I cannot say enough great things about the National Geographic High Adventure Edition Road Atlas. It shows EVERY campground. It came highly recommended to me from a road tripper and backpacker. Very useful tool thus far in planning and I know it will save me while I'm on the road!
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    Default Maybe just a netbook...

    Now what I am thinking about doing is buy/making a dashboard netbook holder and just using my netbook (mini laptop) w/ GPS dongle. That way I have much more visability of path and we can also play our music from there. The driver will obviously NOT be operating the navigation/music. Not only is it illegal to use a PC while driving in several states, it's way more dangrous then most actions while driving (except maybe painting your nails). That way I don't need to buy a GPS device. Just another option I am seriously considering.

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