This is an ultimate plan for me. I have survived 20, 30, 40, and 50 day road trips, and now, the big challenge. A 101-day road trip across the country. Revisiting a lot of areas I have seen before and enjoyed, while exploring many new ones. My problem is this:

I have not been to a lot of these areas yet, and I am a big confused as to what I may need to wear for extensive hiking and camping in specific areas during the peak of next years summer. (May-August) I do not want to take a risk, not knowing what certain areas will hold for me. I know there are many parks (like Carlsbad that I have been to) that require change in clothing from area to area, to prevent spreading insects into different places. What types of clothes should I be bringing, assuming I wash all of the clothes I have once a week. I already have standard climbing equipment, rock climbing/hiking/running shoes, sunglasses/hats, shorts for hiking/and my pack, along with some useful tools and gadgets, and more. I am just checking to see if there are any crucial recommendations for these areas, as I have never even seen them.

-Grand Teton
-Mt. Rainer
-Lanssen Volcanic
-Crater Lake
-Kings Canyon
-Mystic Caverns

Is it what I would expect at places like Yosemite, Cascades, Yellowstone, Carlsbad...or a completely different ball game? I have checked the parks web sites and figured I will ask on this awesome site before calling each places and having a long conversation. Thank you in advance for the help. I will have more questions about this trip, I assume.