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  1. Default rv trip to see grand canyon HELP

    We have done two rv trips in Canada and loved them both.

    This June / July we are hoping to do another trip but this time in the USA. We have my parents coming along and my two young ones (7 and 10), my parents have never done an RV trip before (have done loads of camping in their time) and never been to the USA before.

    We will rent an RV for 10-14 days and was hoping to see the Grand Canyon.
    Can anyone suggest a route, dont mind if it has to include one way drop off, that includes the Grand Canyon and other places of interest.
    We thought about 1500miles (1800 max) - is there any route that would get us a day or so in San Diego or Anahiem (for the kids)?

    I have spent hours browsing and getting nowhere fast, nothing is booked yet (flights or rv hire)


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are no shortage of options for a trip that includes the extremely vague limits of "includes the Grand Canyon," "10-14 days," and "other places of interest."

    A short list of the possibilities would include the many other national parks in Northern Arizona and/or Utah, places like Death Valley, Yosemite, San Francisco, the Pacific Coast, or even over to New Mexico and down through Southern Arizona. Of course any and all of those things could start/end/or include Southern California.

    Your statement that you've spent hours browsing and are getting nowhere seems very odd, because if that was the case, I'd think the question you'd be asking is "how do I narrow all of this down" not "can someone suggest a route"

    The reality is that there is no generic one-size fits all route. You need to take the information you've found by looking through the forum, as well as plenty of other resources, get a rough idea of what you want to do beyond the Grand Canyon, and come up with a rough plan. Once you've got that, then we can help you put everything together, or help you decide upon which of the many possibilities might be best for you.

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    To get you started take a look at some of these popular threads covering the area, including our RV trip to Grand canyon. You can scroll to the bottom of this page to find 'Similar threads' for ideas and repeat as often as you like !

    With a limited number of RV sites in the National parks you could find that they are already booked up for June and July, although if they are, you should find some RV parks in the surrounding area's.

    You could quite comfortably do a loop that includes both San Diego and Grand canyon but as Michael said, you need to work out some of the basics before we can help with the detail. I would certainly recommend the NP's of Utah, such as Zion and Bryce canyon. Death valley is pretty amazing but you will have to check your rental agreement, it's most likely 'off limits' in an RV rental at this time of year.

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