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    Default Road Trip from Boston To Houston

    Planning to leave early Friday morning April 1st, and getting into Houston April 4 or 5th. Looking to stop in Virgina, Atlanta, Pensacola Beach, and New Orleans. Any places worth stopping in between as well. Any restaurant recommendations, things to see.

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    Default Four or Five Makes a Difference

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    If you only have 4 days for the drive, then you're going to have to pretty much stick to the direct Interstate route via I-84/I-78/I-81/I-77/I-85/I-10, and keep your stops to short time outs near those highways. And your overnight in Virginia should be somewhere around Front Royal or New Market.

    If you can add the fifth day, then you might want to look at some slower, scenic options such as staying on I-84 west to the northern tip of New Jersey and coming down US-209 through the Delaware Water Gap to Allentown/Bethlehem to pick up I-78; or use some of the southern portions of the Blue Ridge Parkway which runs parallel to I-81 through much of southwestern Virginia; or stay on I-81 to Beech Springs, TN and use US-441/US-23 through Great Smokey Mountain National Park to Atlanta; or if cities are your thing, spend a day on the National Mall in Washington.


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