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    We're leaving the end of this month towing a 10,000 pound trailer Norfolk, VA to Anacortes, WA. We want it to be as flat as possible. I understand we are sort of on the cusp of Northern and Southern routes in terms of weather so I'm interested in both routes and opinions on where the breakpoint is in weather planning.

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    Default breaking the breakpoint myth

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There really is no such thing as a breakpoint for weather, at least for traveling cross country in the US. Every single cross country route, from I-90/I-94 all the way to I-10 can and does see winter weather. Adding miles by generically going south is often a recipe to increase your risk of seeing a storm, because it means you need to be on the road for more time.

    Now the good thing is that by late March, you're likelihood of seeing a severe winter storm is starting to drop off, and your best bet for avoiding bad weather is to keep to a lower elevation. That means basically following I-90 across the west.

    As luck would have it, Your route options are nearly identical to another thread started today, going from Raleigh to Washington State.

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    See my routing suggestions and the logic behind them on the thread Midwest Michael linked.


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