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    Default Seabees = Can Do

    And they've lived that motto for 69 years now, with their 69th birthday having been just a couple of weeks ago. The original Seabees, one of whom I have the honor of knowing, enlisted in droves when the call for tradesmen went out in early 1942. Some lied about their age and as a result we had 50 to 60-year old Seabees building airstrips and fuel facilities for tactical aircraft under fire in the Pacific, while their sons and grandsons in the Marine Corps were fighting inland on the same islands. A full load of brass was brought by those guys, and I'm not talking about their officers' insignia.

    Seawolf, if I were going to bypass the Lover's Leap grade on US 58, I think I'd prefer going at least to Martinsville, take the bypass around the south side that little burg, thence US 220 north to Roanoke and I-81. US 220 is fairly rolly-polly but it's 4-lanes all the way (perhaps a handful of brief 2-lane stretches--it's been a few years since I traversed Martinsville-Roanoke).

    Further cutting the corner via VA 43/24 is also an exercise in frustration--quite curvy with much elevation change. I'd climb the Lover's Leap grade sooner than run 43/24 from Altavista to Bedford.

    I'm not crazy about Bedford-Roanoke on US 460, quite frankly, also due to the suburban segment at Lynchburg and on the east side of Roanoke, where several miles of stoplight-laden highway through the 'burbs awaits you.


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    we just made that trip, from nc to poulsbo. Driving across the middle of the country is very different when your coming from the coast. Welcome to poulsbo btw. It's going to be a bit of a culture shock.

  3. Default Sorry for the belated response!

    Double post. Sorry.
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  4. Default Sorry for the belated response!

    Thank you for your warm welcome! We are extremely excited to be getting to the West coast! We know what you mean about culture shock. Completely different, yeah?

    Thank you for all of your help! We will be taking the trip the way you suggested! Very informative and VERY detailed! Thank you so much!

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