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    My husband and I are planning a summer retirement roadtrip. We are going to rent a motorhome, take our two Labradoodles and tour the West for around 2 months. We have never done this before and I have some questions. How large a motorhome should we rent? Want it to be not too big so I can drive also. Do we need to tow a car? We plan to leave So Cal and head up 395 thru the Eastern Sierra's, over the pass to Lake Tahoe, up to Bend, Oregon, thru Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado to New Mexico. Any suggestions? Any suggestions on how to find a rental and do we need to try it out for one weekend before we leave?


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    A good compromise for a couple [with dog's] between size and space would be a 25-27ft Class 'C' RV. If you look on a Company Website [such as Cruise America] you can see floor plans and all other details to help you decide. No you don't need to tow a car, you can access most places with an RV although you will come across a few possible height/lenght restrictions on mountain roads/National parks, but not enough to impact your journey and warrant the need for having a tow car. Whether you rent a 25ft or a 30 ft RV, the width will be the same and I think you will notice that more to start with than the lenght difference.

    To see what rental deals are about just enter your start City and RV rental into your search engine and start comparing deals. If you are not familiar with driving larger vehicles and/or 'camping' a weekend away might be a good idea to get the feel of things and see if you are suited to the Lifestyle. A car and Motels would actually be cheaper by the time you add all the associated costs to RV travel together, but if it's the Lifestyle you want, RV's can be great fun !

    As you don't mention how long you are travelling for, or your interests/goals for the trip, it's not possible to make meaningful suggestions at the moment. I would take a look around the forums and other RTA pages such as the Map Centre/ Routes etc [there is a whole section dedicated to RV info in the black tool bar above] and when you have some dots on the map and ideas to share we can help to fill in the blanks.

    RV sites are limited in National park campgrounds and can book up early for the summer month's so if you plan on visiting NP's you would have to consider booking asap to secure a place.

    Any other questions as you go, just ask !

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    Thanks so much, Dave. That is helpful information. We plan on traveling for about 6 weeks or two months. We love the outdoors and will want to spend as much time as possible in National Parks. We could stay in motels with the dogs but think it will be more fun in an RV. We have had this on our "bucket list" for a long time so can't wait to see America!

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    Default Oh Yeah !

    I travel by RV when in the States and love every moment of it. If you have the time, you might want to look in the Roadtrip field reports section where you will find our latest trip in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico etc that might give you some idea or insight into RV'ing.

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