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    Default Moving from CHICAGO to SAN DIEGO

    Whew, I don't know where to start! I will say I am so thankful that I found this site. To get advice from ppl that actually have experience with driving the highway is GREAT!

    Well I am moving to San Diego, CA from Chicago. The only driving experience I really have is driving to Cleveland, Ohio a few times a year, often by myself. I have never had a problem with that 6 hour drive.

    I was hoping to find someone to drive/share the gas with (I am willing to fly them back to Chicago) me however that has not worked out to my liking as of today MArch 15, 2011. So I'm debating on doing this driver by myself. I have not picked a route but am eager to get on the road by the beginning of April! I have no time limit and I want to visit the "MUST SEE" sites. I have no idea where to begin. What I should pack to in my 2011 Honda Civic, where to slumber, how much money I need, aagghhhh I am so ready to leave Chicago and see the country side. Help someone, everyone

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    Default Tough to Beat the Classics

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    In your case, that would mean the Mother Road, Route 66. Although that highway no longer officially exists, you can follow its old course by taking I-55/I-44/I-40/I-15 through St. Louis, Oklahoma City, Albuquerque, etc. What you must see depends entirely on you and your interests, but major attractions along that route would include the Arch in St. Louis and the Museum of Westward Expansion beneath it, the Oklahoma City Memorial, the Petrified Forest and Grand Canyon in Arizona, and the Mojave Desert in California. The Ozarks, Taos, Santa Fe, Monument Valley and Las Vegas aren't that far off the route, and if you just follow the Interstates and drive 6 hours a day, you'll need about 7 days for the trip.


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    Default Vegas, baby, Vegas

    Hello Sharere,

    Taking a half-day loop off of I-40 at Flagstaff, AZ provides for east-to-west drive through of the Grand Canyon along the South Rim. US 89 from Flagstaff to Cameron, and AZ 64 to and through the park to Canyon Village (with the many turnouts along the rim right on this drive), and a major 2-lane highway south back to Williams, AZ and I-40 south of the Village. A segment of Route 66 runs well off of I-40 between about Seligman and Kingman, AZ, too.

    At Kingman you can venture north for about an hour's drive through the desert to the Hoover Dam Bypass bridge, crossing the Colorado River just downstream of Hoover Dam, and nearly 900' above the river. The dam tour and exhibits are well worth a stop if that kind of thing appeals to you.

    Leaving Hoover Dam, Las Vegas is but 20-30 minutes away.

    From Vegas, I-15 passes through some suprisingly rugged mountains before reaching Barstow. You can also go west/northwest into Death Valley National Park from Vegas.

    As you ponder your travel plans, if inclusion of National Parks is a big part of you trip (and if perhaps may be for a year after arriving in California), consider an annual pass purchase.

    As to what to pack/carry along, I'm big on having my own squeegee and a fresh supply of window cleaner in the car and an extra gallon of windshield fluid for the washer system. A roll of paper towels and my side windows and windshield are all good all the time. I also like to keep a small cooler with a few snacks, bottled water, juice, etc. And I never travel without my big Stanley stainless steel thermos bottle and a nice insulated travel cup for my coffee.

    Enjoy your soon-to-begin RoadTrip!


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