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    My wife and I are planning a roadtrip and we have a 3 days stop in south Florida but we havent decided where to stay between Key West and the Everglades. After I read this article on the Everglades I was thinking I may not need to go all the way down to Florida and spend more time on the road, but I dont want to miss anything.
    what do you guys think ?


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    In Southern Florida I have always found Florida City to be a great place to stay.... with ready access to the Everglades and the Keys, as well as easy access to Miami.

    As to which... that all depends on your interests. The Keys and Everglades are each unique in their own way.


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    This december I went to down to southern FL. I camped in Big Cypress and the Everglades. If you have just three days, this is what I recommend.

    Camp in Everglades, pick the long pine key campground. It's not far from the entrance (maybe 10 miles). That way you can also go for a snorkeling trip to Key Largo (maybe just over an hour's drive). Plenty of things to do in the long pine key area. Plus a big plus is that the mosquitoes and no-see-ums are a lot fewer compared to the Flamingo campground. You will love camping there.

    Have fun!

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    We are planning an RV trip to Florida next May. For instance this RV Route in Florida. I have the samen question, we are travelling with a big RV and an normal car, so we can do Key West trips with the normal car. Anyone experience with this?

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