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    I'm currently planning a road trip from San Diego, Ca to Indian Head, Md in mid April. I have 12 days to complete the trip so time is not a factor, I want to average about 6-8hrs of driving daily. I would like to take a scenic rt and stop and visit some cool places along the way. Anyone have suggestions for rts and places to visit?

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    To complete the journey averaging around 7 hours a day will take a week so you do have time for some sight seeing along the way. However, you could choose from many routes and thousands of attractions along them and having no idea of your interests or what you would regard as "Cool" doesn't help to narrow it down.

    It is your trip and it's what's appealing to you that is most important so I would start by looking around the forums and use the Map centre to get route idea's and find attractions around those areas. You could run along I40 and up through St Louis, or continue through Memphis and along the Appalachians. You could start out on I 10 or head further North through Utah and Colorado. Once you have a couple more dots on the map based on what appeals to you we can make some meaningful suggestions and help to fill in the gaps.

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    I traveled Rt I40 on the way over several years ago. I stopped thru Knoxsville and enjoy a good meal on the river. Went to Memphis and relaxed for a few days while sightseeing (Stax Museum, National Civil Rights Museum, Beale St. great food and entertainment) continued on to Okl and visited the OKC National Memorial. Stopped in New Mexico just to rest and continued on to the Grand Canyon and then headed to L.A. to view the walk of fame. I would say I'm looking for historical places and good food and entertainment along Rt10 this time.

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