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  1. Default San Francisco to LA via Ls Vegas in April advice

    Hi all
    Following a conference in Anaheim my other half and I are planning a trip in the California/ Nevada area in April this year. We are really limited to time and we have 9 nights to get round everywhere. As it stands we have 1 night spare so we were hoping for some advice on where might be good to take it at this time of year.
    Also, because we are a little unsure about where exactly to stay, we haven't booked any accommodation so we were wondering whether we should book or if it will be ok just to rock up and find somewhere on the day at this time of year.

    31st Mar-2nd April San Fran (we have booked accommodation here)

    2nd April am pick up car and drive to Yosemite
    we were hoping to stay outside the park so any suggestions of small towns etc, would be great.

    2nd-4th April Yosemite

    4th April leave Yosemite and head towards Las Vegas (we understand Tioga pass will be closed so hopefully this won't cause problems) probably spending 1 night en route. Again, where would be best place to stay, somewhere in Death Valley?

    5th April Las Vegas. (We are thinking 1 night here would be sufficient as we just want to get a brief feel of the place)

    6th April leave Las Vegas and head to Grand Canyon to stay 1 night.

    7th April afternoon, leave Grand canyon and stay somewhere overnight en route back to Los Angeles where we fly back to UK 3pm 9th April.

    So basically, since we have decided to stay 1 night in Vegas, we have an extra night so we were wondering whether it would be worth spending extra time doing the drive Yosemite to Vegas or whether to spend it post Grand Canyon in Palm Springs etc.
    Will we be ok having not booked any hotels past San Francisco? Perhaps it would be a good idea to book a Vegas hotel but to do this we need to decide whether to stay extra time before or after Vegas.

    Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. We are bit worried because we don't have much time and want to make the most of the trip. I appreciate that there are lots of other posts similar to this but none quite answer what we need to know.
    Looking forward to your suggestions!

    Kindest regards

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    Default What do you fancy ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    The Tioga pass will definitely not be open so that will mean heading South around the South via Bakersfield or North around Tahoe, the Southern route being quicker and the one I would take. Where to spend your 'free' night. There is no right or wrong answer, just what appeals to you. You could easily use that night between Yosemite and Vegas and have a little time to enjoy Death valley and perhaps drive down the Generals Highway through Sequoia NP. You could just as easily spend an extra night at the Grand canyon South rim, it's close to a 5 hour drive from Vegas and you will need to get a few miles under your belt the following day, so not a whole lot of time there sight seeing. If you were to spend another night at GC you could make a stop at the Hoover dam and detour onto part of original route 66 through Seligman on route from Vegas. It would also give you time to explore for a full day and leave early morning next morning and make it to Palm Springs as an overnight stop for a short run to LA for your flight.

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    Hi Southwest Dave
    Thanks so much for taking the time to reply. I think we might take your advice and spend a bit of extra time at grand canyon. Palm Springs is a good suggestion for place to stay en route back to LA, too, thanks.
    So do you think we will be ok if we haven't booked any accommodation, then? We were just going to see what suited on arrival in places. We're not overly fussy on where we stay because we won't be spending much time in the hotel room (most of the trip in the car!!) just so long as there's somewhere we can get something for dinner and, most importantly, a couple of beers!

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    If you want to keep your options open you should have no problem finding a room for the night.

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